Ajumma Trousers.

16 Nov

Trousers: Korean Street Market for 5000 Won (around £3), Vest: Topshop, Bracelet: Links of London, Shoes: Korean shoe stall

I cannot help but adore these trousers. I also, unfortunately, cannot wear them out in my beautiful Korean town without getting a funny look, as the only other people who do (and the chosen audiences for such an item) are Korean old ladies or ‘ajummas’. When one of my Korean co-teachers saw these pictures, she said ‘do you LIKE these trousers?? I wouldn’t wear them out as the older ladies will be angry and jealous…’ But I cannot help but love them, ever since my lovely friend Glen bought them for me in Busan, and while I am aware I often hit up the ‘granny’ look, I don’t see that in this item. The delicate floral print always brightens up my day, and the elasticated waist ensures comfort, which is what I live for in this country. Maybe I am an ajumma before my time.


4 Responses to “Ajumma Trousers.”

  1. Ashley November 17, 2010 at 2:46 am #

    Ooh! You know I love these! I’m excited to get them once the swap gets rolling (which should be any time, I suppose!). So cool that they’re from Korea…my boyfriend is half Korean, so I’m hoping he’ll be impressed (although, I’m sure he’ll find them atrocious, like he does all my other “eccentric” clothes).

  2. kathy eardley December 2, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    i must say i like these trousers … probably because i am an old lady! however, you look much nicer in them than i ever could. if you are sending some home, send some for me! enjoying reading your blog about your life in korea. xx


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    […] sending our clothes to each other, and seeing how they’d style them. Almost a year ago I took these pictures with these trousers, but no-one really wanted to try them out apart from the lovely Ashley from Two […]

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