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A Tidy Room is a Tidy Mind.

12 Nov

At least that is what my Mum always used to tell me when I was stressed, and my room was inevitably a mess. I know she did it because my messy streak really did annoy her, and even if I kept my door shut, it was if she could sense the clothes strewn all over my floor behind it. I always used used the excuse that I’m too busy….essays to write, blogs to finish, friends to meet, a shift at work. It’s shameful really, I’ll put it off until I become a little embarrassed of myself, and then have to spend an entire day of my weekend sorting out my pig sty. Since I arrived in Korea, I’ve been very distracted trying to establish my friends and family here, partying hard, and generally crashing at my friends/ boyfriend’s house. I went home for the first time in week, and gasped at the disgusting state I found my house in. I just had to share it with you. I swear I was robbed during my time away. Now, I must go and try and sort this place out. Wish me luck!