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I hate goodbyes…

19 Aug

I’ve been trying to think of all the things I’m going to miss when I leave England for South Korea this next Monday. If I’m totally honest the list is endless. I always thought getting through term-time without my Mum’s spag bol and roast dinner was hard enough. But this is different. I will be on another continent with a completely new language and culture to fathom- and no-one there to save me from my panicky states! I’ve heard rumours that it might be it really hard to find things like this:

All images from google images

I am hoping that my nearest and dearest will feel for me enough to send me some care packages once in a while. or maybe let me watch them eat a cheese sandwich and sip a brew over skype. But you know, while these are the things that I’ll miss MOST, my biggest hit will be those people that I love and love me back.  Stay tuned for a post covering my last week full of farewell drinks, cups of tea, scones, dances and general mayhem with my favourite people in the world. Anyway, I’ve been advised about a sausage shop in Seoul- so maybe I’ll just have to take that short bus ride and suss it out. And you know, I’m sure I’ll quickly forget about my British food and learn how to order some delicious grub in a place like this: