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Leather Cross Strap Pull On Ankle Boot.

31 Dec

ARK Leather Cross Strap Pull On Ankle BootASOS-£75.00


Winter Wonderland.

28 Dec

There’s nothing more satisfying than being as snug as a bug in the middle of winter, preferably in front of a fire knowing you don’t have to enter the cold. But when you do have to enter the cold, it’s always great to have a woolly hat and mittens just to keep that bite at bay a little. I’m a big fan of over-sized clothing too, which I think is perfect for the frosty temperatures, as I’m a bit of an ajumma and need a ton of vests and thermals underneath whatever I’m wearing! Work has been manic recently, and not even having one day off over the winter period (or the entire year, practically…) has been getting me a little down. Hey ho. We had a very Merry Christmas away from home. We surrounded ourselves with love and fun, and although we all missed our families, we have a family here. I feel a little revitalized after experiencing all that love in the room, that has made itself in only a few months. Shame I had to go back to work today… with even more work to be doing as winter vacation classes started. But as you can see, I kept myself warm on my lengthy commute…

Unbridled Passion Dress.

27 Dec

Unbridled Passion– $67.99

Sunshine in Winter.

23 Dec

Top: Topshop, Skirt: Topshop, Boots: Korean Shoe Shop, Belt: Korean Boutique, Coat: stolen from my boyfriend…

Oh what a beautiful Sunday morning to do an outfit photo! You could be fooled into thinking it was quite a pleasant temperature rather than a chill that makes it to the bone! While snow is halting most human activity back home in England, at least here we have the beauty of the winter through the sun. Oooo, it’s nearly Christmas!

Couple of the Week.

21 Dec

Image found here.

What’s Under the Christmas Tree? It’s Our New Kitten!

20 Dec

We recently visited the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) in our town of Daegu. We knew straight away that we needed to give one of those beauties a home… but also that we wouldn’t be able to part with one after a year. When we heard about the fostering process we knew we had to do it; prepping the wee ones for a real home. We get the love of a cat for a short time, and then do a good thing by finding him/her a real family. Then one of our friends found this little baby abandoned on the street but couldn’t take him in herself. So, here he is: Makkoli, or Mak for short. Makkoli is a Korean Rice Wine… yuuuum.

Black and White.

19 Dec

This lacy dress was sent to me from the charming Sian of xrebelangelx, through our fabulous clothing swap; The Lovely Ones. It was a little tricky to style, but I’m never one to pass up a challenge. I have a thing for hats. Woolly hats. I have tons of them back in England, only one of which made it on my journey around the world. I have been trying to be sensible and curb my tendency to be a bit of a shopaholic since I’ve been in Korea, mainly because I know I’ll have to part with it when the time comes to head back to England! This hat was borrowed from my friend and photographer, Heather. My shoes were 10,000 won (around £6) from a little shoe store in downtown Daegu and the rest of my outfit is H&M basics. I hope I’ve done xrebelangelx proud! I think the connotations of my black and white mix definitely echo in her blogs name, anyway!