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Style Sunday.

22 May

Well. We just returned from a temple stay in Beomeosa Temple in Busan, which we attended to try and learn a bit about Buddhism and perhaps achieve ‘enlightenment’. After having to get up at 3 a.m with the Monks, and then hike a mountain along with other taxing activities, I can definitely say we now know how difficult this life is if you are fully immersed in it. It was however, postmodernism at its finest when we saw 20 pizza hut pizzas, along with 10 bottles of coke, being delivered into the monks quarters. We certainly didn’t see any of that in our traditional Buddhist meal. And I was a bit disappointed when I saw our designated Monk slipping his cell phone in and out of his robes. It was definitely worth the trip though and I feel I have a better understanding of this religion that focuses on finding yourself, and happiness. I want to share more with you about it now, but honestly I really need a nap. Sorry. But, I’ll give you a sneaky peek here of what it all looked like. It’s no outfit photo, that’s for sure!

 And while I’m busy being lazy after such an enlightening journey, I’ll show you the beautiful ladies that are inspiring me this week.

Selective Potential

Marmalade Skies

The time is grey

The Moptop


Style Sunday.

15 May

I know I’m constantly moaning about not blogging, rather than writing interesting things for people to read. So today I had a plan to sit down and blog like I’ve never blogged before. However, today I went to watch my boyfriend play football in the local league here in Korea. And the event got cut short by a trip to casualty with his potentially broken ankle. I must be a nurse today. So. I’m going to keep it short and just share with you which bloggers are inspiring me this week. I hope you’re in better health than us! Peace. x

The Clothes Horse

the rabbit-hearted girl

I’m clothed much.

Snakes Nest


Style Sunday.

24 Apr

Oh it’s Sunday again. And, well, it’s been another hectic week of being a teacher. I really am being truly dull and it’s killing me. For example, last night was Saturday night. Now, usually we feel the need to be sociable and try not to think about the difficulties we’ve had through the week or what is to come just a mere two days away, but last night we decided to be boring. Yes, I watched an entire series of Absolutely Fabulous with a friend in the afternoon, (to take me back to my England home in the ’90s and to admire Jennifer Saunders outrageous outfits) and in the evening my fella and I just stayed home and watched the football (soccer).  No parties, no dinners, no drinks.  So what do I have tell you? Well, I tell you how beautiful I think all these girls are this week, and how I want to steal their styles. And I say a huge thank you to Ashley of Two Eyes in the Mirror for her encapsulating five days series about Beauty in Korea. It’s definitely something to make you have a serious think. Something I wonder everyday when I walk down the little Korean streets.  What did you think of it? Anyway, be ready to be wowed. Happy Sunday everyone. x

Missing Lovebirds

Mellow Mayoness

Mammal and Lamb

Cupcake’s Clothes

Peace x

Style Sunday.

10 Apr

After last week I got some good responses to my Style Sunday, and since I love, oh so much, to spend my Sunday mornings catching up on all my favourite fashion blogs, I thought I should probably make this a weekly occurrence. I am trying to put my life in order, beginning with my blog. I know I am always moaning about not having enough time to do pretty much anything.  And it’s true. But if I have a goal, well then I know what I have to do and when. Doing it is a slightly different matter, but knowing to do it is half the battle, right? So, here is who I am admiring this week, while I sit in my polka-dot pyjamas with a cup of tea.



Michelle from Locked Out Fashion

Charlotte from girlnextdoorfashion

Charlene of Strutt


Bunch of beauties, huh? Happy Sunday everyone x

Style Sunday.

3 Apr

If you are a follower of Fashion’ s A Stranger you can probably tell I have been a bit lapsed in my motivation to blog recently. I was violently ill for a week or so, and, well, have just had nothing to say. As my name tells you, I don’t necessarily think fashion is my friend. It’s like one of those angry girls that you desperately try to get to like you, with a lot of failure and limited success. I have, of course, still been stalking all my favourite bloggers, so today I will show you who has inspired me recently, you can probably tell I’m still searching for my own distinct sense of style with the massively diverse beauties that follow…

Amber Blue Bird 🙂

Ashley from Two Eyes in the Mirror 🙂 Who will be doing an exciting series of guest posts on my blog very soon! Watch the space.

Natalie from Natalie Off Duty

Michelle from Locked Out Fashion

Tracy from The Closet Shopper 🙂

Emma from Daily Clothes Fix 🙂

Sian from Rebel Angel 🙂


Happy Sunday Everyone…

Introducing: Noah Nie.

8 Mar

Living in Korea means I’ve met people from every corner of the world, and I love it! Quite soon after I arrived here over 6 months ago I met a lovely, sweet Chinese girl who studies at a University here. She is fluent in Mandarin, Korean and English, and is kind as kind can be. Her major at Keimyung University is fashion design, and just like everything else, she designs and executes her garments almost perfectly! Here are a few images I snatched last time I visited her apartment for a traditional Chinese dinner, taken at her most recent show…. She’d love some feedback, let me know what you think!


I think this outfit is so sweet and elegant, and is perfect for a chic or career driven women. I really enjoy the slightly clashing colour palette, and when I told Noah how impressed I was, she actually gave me this blouse as a Christmas present! I am such a lucky duck! I will be doing an outfit photo with it soon…


This has got to be the winner for me. It has the most beautiful ball gown princess like shape, with a completely different flamenco- like style running along side. This dress is quirky and charming, and clown like in it’s colouring- an absolutely original item!


Such a sweet little party dress, the amount of detail in this is huge, without looking too fussy. I adore this deep blue and gold combination, and the ruffled hem is gorgeous.

And here is my lovely Noah in the center, accompanied by her beautiful models!

What do you think??

Pondering On Life.

21 Feb

Found via Google images

I’ve recently been trying to figure out how to promote myself as a fashion writer. I have three major obstacles in my way. Firstly, I have a full time job as a teacher, and a hell of a commute to and from this position, meaning I don’t get home until 10pm every night- so where is the time?

Secondly, I am a total technophobe. I think I inherited it from my Dad who only recently figured out email. It seems the internet is definitely the most appropriate medium for promotion, but they call it the web for a reason, and it seems a complex entanglement of URLs that I just can’t fathom. But, it’s something I must overcome- it’s the only way in this hectic little blogging world. In the past week, I have followed advice from a friend at, and opened a Lookbook and Chictopia account. And I’ve also followed advice from my fabulous graphic designer sister, Miss Moco, without whom fashionsastranger as you are now seeing it would just not exist, and got myself a Twitter. I’m not sure how I’ll handle technology when I’m a grandma… I’m get the twitter jitters already.

My third excuse for poorly promoting my blog is… I am just not that fashionable. I have a trillion zillion clothes, that cannot be denied, but beautiful clothes aren’t the same as style. I know I don’t dress hideously, but I just don’t have that hidden capability to put together a completely original outfit at the drop of one of my zillion hats. I would pick a dress over having to team up separate pieces, and if I have one bold print, well then I’ll always skimp out on experimenting with my other garments. I can certainly recognise those people that have the talent to present themselves flawlessly, and that is where I get my inspiration. I am an observational fashion obsessive; is that even a thing? When I lived in the States for a short time, I expressed to a friend how much being a fashion writer would be my dream, how much it would fulfill me, but that I’m just not that good at it; ‘I’m mediocre’. She responded: ‘you’re not a mediocre person, you’re just a British person’. The whole group around just cracked up laughing while I sunk back in my seat. I have to admit, I do let that British pessimism rule me on occasion. I’ve been working on this recently as my New Years Resolution demanded.

Anyway, I guess I’m just having a crisis of faith. Pondering on life. What if it doesn’t all work out exactly how I want it to? I am almost 22 and planning my next little escape from the real world for when after this year in Korea is over. I can definitely put off the inevitable growing up for a while. Until then, I’ll keep blogging the best I know how. Can you give me any blogging tips? To get more traffic, improve content, or to be more fashionable in myself?! Help!