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Sunday Monday…

17 Apr

Eeeek, it has been a busy week. And as I write, myself and my boyfriend are actually hosting a barbecue on our roof with quite a few friends and rather a lot of wine. So, I guess I can’t stay and chat, because that just makes me a terrible host, hey? The girl pictured above was the only style inspiration I captured this week. I’m a rubbish blog host aren’t I? But I thought she was super cute! I would totally understand if you all just stopped following my blog because I am unreliable. Please don’t though! Also, this week I wrote a guest post for the wonderful Sian of Rebel Angel which you can find here. It was my first one, so you know, I kind of put my all into it! And ALSO, starting tomorrow you are getting a super interesting five day series of posts from Ashley of Two Eyes in the Mirror about Beauty in Korea. Wooooo. Happy Sunday everyone. x