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Couple of the Week: ‘Check’-ing it Out!

17 Apr

When I left Korea last September, I was so sad to say goodbye to the ‘Couple of the Week’ section of my blog. These couples made me smile. Made me laugh. Made me realise the sacrifices some men will make for real love. Not my man, of course. He dismissed it as an Asian craze and vetoed the suggestion before he could even tell I was joking in my request. I would never actually want to mirror my boyfriend; but his immediate refusal hurt me a little bit. These men don’t mind emulating their other halves. In fact, it is the norm. Back home they would be stripped of their manhood, but here in Korea, it’s fashionable to declare to the world ‘I am with this person and I am proud.’ I suppose it helps ‘she’ does the shopping, too.

The furthest my boyfriend and I made it into this trend was in a gift from my Korean friend, Han Sol. These porroro couple rings made me happy in my last week in Daegu, South Korea. Of course, at that time, we had no intention of returning to the home of Samsung, Park JiSung and kimchi. These rings were a memory of a craze which would never fail to make me smile.

The economic situation at home and the sweet deal of being a teacher in this amazing country quickly turned us around, and when we arrived back in Korea three weeks ago, (this time to Jeju Island) I was ecstatic when I saw my first offending ‘couple-wear’ pair. I don’t know how often I will be posting these gems, but if you like it, I’ll try my damn hardest to ask these couples awkwardly if I can take their pictures, for reasons I cannot explain (because my Korean sucks…). What do you think?


Couple of the Year- Who Wins? You Decide! The Shortlist…

11 Sep

Couple of the Week: Promise Between Lovers…

5 Sep

OK, I have been bad at updating my blog recently. I just had a huge change in my life, moving from a year in South Korea, back to my home in the UK. More on this to come. For now, I am just sharing my final ever Couple Wear post. Because people don’t do this kinda thing in England. Shocking, right? Anyway, still to come is a short list of the best matching outfits I’ve snapped over the past year. I want you to pick the best. Watch this space… and send wishes to help me get over my jetlag!

Couple of the Week- the 73ers.

30 Aug

As crazy as I think this trend is… I really am going to miss seeing it almost daily on the streets of Korea!

Couple of the Week- On a Gray Day.

22 Aug

Matching tees and sweat pants. Cute, huh? But is it your favourite?? x

Couple of the Week- The Elvis Wannabe.

16 Aug

What do you think of these guys? They even have matching slippers in his and hers colours. That’s my silly friend Dan in the background trying to sabotage this beautiful picture. But he just doesn’t succeed! I have to tell you… My ‘Couple of the Week’ category will be ending within the next month or so, because I’m leaving Korea in less that 3 weeks and people just don’t dress like this where I’m from. If I manage to get any saved up, there will be more. Otherwise I’d like to do a poll as to which lovely couple was the best dressed. Happy Tuesday everyone. x

Couple of the Week, by BaboShirts…

9 Aug

Buy it here

Buy it here

I recently stumbled upon this amazing website, BaboShirts that specializes in t-shirts using ‘Korean humour’. Babo is Korean for ‘crazy or stupid’. I am very strict in my classes if a student ever uses this word, but for these purposes, it’s totally fine. If you don’t live, or haven’t ever lived, in Korea then it might mean nothing to you and I’d probably turn away now. If you have, then you’ll probably want to but the whole rack right this second!