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Versatile Blogger of the Year?

23 Dec

Awww yeah. I was nominated by the darling Cakes and Shakes for The Versatile Blogger award. Frankly, my Dear, you rock… thank you! Now, while I don’t do well sharing the limelight, the rules state that I must nominate 10-15 bloggers that I think would deserve the award. Here goes…

Amber of The Girly Bird –  Vanessa of Snappy & Savvy –  Laura of Only Half Dressed – Tracy of The Closet Shopper 

Michelle of Pink.Lemon.In.Crystal – Mitha Komala of Letters to Juliet – Vanessa of Take Only Memories

Jessica of The Midwest Muse – Mongs of My Thrifty Closet – Sherin of HiFashion – Ashley of Two Eyes in the Mirror

Sorry if I forgot you. There are so many fun blogs I read and I’m on a lot of pain killers right now so I may well have neglected a load of you. Take it on the chin.

Anyway, the next task was to write seven facts about myself. Ready? Ready as you’ll ever be.

1) I LOVE football. Or soccer, depending on where in the world you are. I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE. When I was 8 years old I asked my Dad for a Manchester United kit, and he responded ‘We need to have a talk’. For about 10 years after that I was the proud owner of a season ticket for his beloved Aston Villa. I gave it up when I went to University too far to travel but still go to as many games as possible.

2) I am one unlucky sod. For real, when we went to a casino in Korea my friend put on the opposite to me every time because she new I didn’t have a fortune coming my way. She won big. Hell, at one point I even put one on black and one on red on the roulette, just so I could feel less like I’m cursed. That one green bugger won.

3) I am the slowest reader ever. Which didn’t bode well during my degree studying English Language and Literature. Wikipedia kept me in touch though.

4) I love to travel. I have the bug good and proper. I have been all over America, Europe, South Africa and I lived in South Korea for a year teaching English. I get itchy feet easily and don’t know how I’ll fair when I finally realise I have to settle down and get a real job.

5) I worry about absolutely EVERYTHING. Wearing the wrong colour. Hurting people’s feelings. Missing planes. Falling over. Being hurt. Ruining my life with one wrong dress.

6) I have an addictive personality. It’s why I avoid watching new TV programmes or start up new hobbies that I can’t commit to. America’s Next Top Model has been my latest craving and I’ve been watching on average two a day.

7) I talk in my sleep. The last recorded incident involved me sitting up in the night and asking my boyfriend ‘What planet shall we meet on?’

Is that seven? Ace. So there you have it. Bye for now everyone. x


And the Winner is….

18 Jul

It’s a HUGE pink teddy bear of course! But I think a ‘stuffed animal’ is close enough. There were 3 people that guessed almost right, so I have decided to send them all a prize! Mark, the owner of Scrambled Eggs, Eric of Eric Frankenberg’s Eric Frankenblog and the lovely Effervescent Evelina. Good job guys, you’ve done our bear proud!

What Could It Be?

15 Jul

Not many people seem to want to enter my fluffy give-away, I’m quite disappointed! Never mind. This is your last hint as to what it could be, and you have the weekend to enter. I will be announcing the winner on Monday, along with what this gem is. Hope everyone is well x

Giveaway Time is Ticking…

13 Jul

So this is the second hint as to what I might have found on the streets near our small Korean apartment. What do you think it could be? Time is a tickin’, so comment on this post to enter, and don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact the winner! Friday will be your last hint. Happy Wednesday everyone.

What Could It Be? Giveaway Time…

11 Jul

One of the funniest things about Korea is the amount of crap you can find on the side of the street. From sofas (one of which has been lugged up to our roof) to dressers, to clothes rails. Heck, we even found our foster kitten Makkoli on the street after he had been abandoned. He has now found himself a proper and forever home, with his new adopter! The newest addition to our street crap pile got me quite excited when I spotted it and made my boyfriend carry it home. Granted, I had a few beers in me, but not enough to show poor judgment. So, I have decided to do a small give-away competition. You will not win ‘said’ item, but something similar that has been store bought by myself! Today, Wednesday and Friday this week, I will show you a hidden picture of our newest find, and I am asking you to guess what you think it is. Please be specific, and don’t forget to write your email address on your comment so I can let the winner know. The winner will be selected randomly and revealed by next Monday. Go on, get guessing, everyone loves free stuff! What could it be?:

p.s- we are always very thorough in cleaning any items we find on the street. VERY THOROUGH INDEED.

p.p.s- I did not mean to insinuate that our kitten was crap, he was the best kitty I’ve ever met in my life!