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Ajumma Trousers.

16 Nov

Trousers: Korean Street Market for 5000 Won (around £3), Vest: Topshop, Bracelet: Links of London, Shoes: Korean shoe stall

I cannot help but adore these trousers. I also, unfortunately, cannot wear them out in my beautiful Korean town without getting a funny look, as the only other people who do (and the chosen audiences for such an item) are Korean old ladies or ‘ajummas’. When one of my Korean co-teachers saw these pictures, she said ‘do you LIKE these trousers?? I wouldn’t wear them out as the older ladies will be angry and jealous…’ But I cannot help but love them, ever since my lovely friend Glen bought them for me in Busan, and while I am aware I often hit up the ‘granny’ look, I don’t see that in this item. The delicate floral print always brightens up my day, and the elasticated waist ensures comfort, which is what I live for in this country. Maybe I am an ajumma before my time.