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Put a Ring on it.

29 Oct

Well. I was out for dinner with some friends last week when one of my Korean friends said:  ‘Amy I have a question: are you married? Your facebook says you are married… to a girl…?’ Oops. After explaining the in-depth relationship between me and my ex-housemate and best friend, I think I managed to appropriately convey that it is a joke marriage. But then my other Korean friend turned to me and said: ‘Amy, I have a question: what does ‘xx’ mean when you text me?’ When I said kiss kiss, she looked scared and asked: ‘so you want to kiss me?’ Excellent evening of coming off as a lesbian.

But honestly, it’s really making me miss my beautiful wife and best friends back home in the UK.  So I wanted to give them a little shout out! I’m falling in love with the people I meet here, but sometimes thinking of home calms my manic self.


ASOS Cotton Pocket Shorts

28 Oct

ASOS Cotton Pocket Shorts- £26.00

Apologies Once Again…

27 Oct

I’ve let my eye off the ball when it comes to blogging recently. It’s a conflict of interests really, so much is happening here- trips, parties, drinks, shopping, meetings with potential lovers, and of course that full time job I have.  It’s made it impossible to touch base, which is pretty lame, as I have so much to report at the moment!

One resolution is coming around though. And with the help of this beautiful person below (one of my closest friends here in Korea, Heather), I will finally start taking the occasional outfit photo, which is something I have been promising to do for a good while now. She is an inspiration to me, and I get excited every time we get to hang out… which generally just involves a cup of tea before work, or a shot of soju after it. On several occasions we have even met up wearing practically the same outfit (which destroys us, as it’s generally our teachers attire through which we aim for comfort over authority everytime)

Oh my Heather, I love you!

There’s a Chill in the Air.

26 Oct– Flutter and Flurries Scarf- $34.99

The Mountain Goats.

25 Oct

To the Bride and Groom.

24 Oct

There is simply no way I could NOT feature the Korean wedding I attended today on here. It was- as my Korean friend put it- a ‘very luxurious’ do. Just the beauty of the bride almost brought me to tears, so it’s a good job I couldn’t understand the vows as I would have been a wreck. The food was delicious, the bride and groom had a stage, and the quick change from Western ceremony to traditional  was pretty impressive.


Jenny Lewis.

23 Oct

I was just listening to one of my favourite tracks of all time:

and had the urge to share with you a blog that I wrote when I was interning at, originally found here on 8/6/09:

From ModCloth Writing Team Intern, Amy Cockcroft:

There are many reasons why I am totally in love with Jenny Lewis. She is beautiful, talented, stylish, alluring; all these things combine dexterously to make her whole persona effortlessly captivating.  Most famous for being a singer-songwriter from LA, Jenny has done every other showbiz thing in between, and she’s seemingly done it all with an ease to be envied. Her vintage, retro-inspired style is enticing and enthralling. It boasts a modesty that doesn’t scream superstar, but rather the kind of look that we as ModCloth followers are striving for everyday.

First and foremost, I adore Jenny’s music, and she’s perhaps most famous for her indie band, Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis has always been a trendsetter, and the picture above shows the cheeky retro style that is her trademark. The quirky band image finds its foundations in her fashion, and her dazzling stripy dress in this image is combined with statement-making knee-high socks, creating an absolutely gorgeous, boisterous ensemble. Rilo Kiley’s music is pretty and elegant, and launched me into many an internal philosophical debate when I heard the lyrics at the tender age of 15. For example in the song “More Adventurous” she sings, “I read with every broken heart you should become more adventurous.” Incidentally, I first heard this song around the time I first got my heart broken, which resulted in my getting my ears pierced six more times. I’m not so sure this can be counted as adventurous, but still, those lyrics definitely made me realize a few things about how life works. The album More Adventurous spoke to me, and although it was the third record for the band, it was probably where they achieved most recognition.

It isn’t just with Rilo Kiley that Jenny Lewis has made her musical mark, and it is her charming and calming voice that makes her such a sought after artist. Among many other notable awesome indie and alternative bands, she has contributed vocals to music by The Postal Service and Bright Eyes. In 2006, Jenny Lewis released her solo debut album, Rabbit Fur Coat, recorded with The Watson Twins. The picture above shows the artists together, and her move from cute music to a somber, more serious style is reflected in her sophisticated dress while still maintaining the indie alternative style that reflects her personality so aptly. The album was bought for me as a present, and it took me to a calm place where it was okay to be bitter, cynical, and reflective, though in a completely different way to the brooding that Alanis Morrissette’s music took me to. It is an eclectic mix of folk, country, alternative and soul, and it has a chimerical way that relaxes and soothes its audience. It is in this album that Jenny told us, “You are what you love and not what loves you back.” I love her, and if that means we share any of the same attributes, then I am very happy about that indeed.

Jenny Lewis was a child star, featuring in commericals, TV shows, and films. Yet her past hasn’t dictated her future, and the two facets of her being are completely separate. In fact, I had no idea she even had such a showbiz history when I set out to write this post, and because of my research, watching “Troop Beverly Hills” is now at the top of my must-see movie list! The picture above can be described simply as retro – she may not have been the style icon we know and adore today, but she certainly was a cutie!

I love to see one of my favorite stars appreciating another of my favorites stars. It’s like a calm and harmonious cycle that should not be broken. In this pic above, Jenny Lewis is donning an everyday casual look while advertising her new album Acid Tongue. Her handsome hat and gorgeous high-waisted jeans make for a folksy and nonchalant style, and teamed with a printed Bob Dylan T-shirt, she gets a flawless and adorable look!

In this image, Jenny looks so sweet and shows us how to wear that floral summer print dress perfectly. Looking happy and comfortable is the key, and with that smile the sun will be shining on. It is this kind of look that makes Jenny Lewis such an engaging being, confirming her status as the ultimate girl next door style icon. It may seem a bit anticlimactic, but it’s what she does best!