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And the Winner is….

18 Jul

It’s a HUGE pink teddy bear of course! But I think a ‘stuffed animal’ is close enough. There were 3 people that guessed almost right, so I have decided to send them all a prize! Mark, the owner of Scrambled Eggs, Eric of Eric Frankenberg’s Eric Frankenblog and the lovely Effervescent Evelina. Good job guys, you’ve done our bear proud!


Craft Wednesday- Keep Yourself Busy When You’re Sick.

23 Mar

urgh. I’m ill. Very ill. I have some kind of stomach infection which means I was unable to go to work today. Doctor’s orders says I’m not allowed to eat any food for 24 hours, which I think is lame, because now I’m starving. And you know how it is, when someone tells you not to do something, you automatically want to do it. So, every time I go and get a glass of water from the fridge, my mouth drools a bit. Anyway, I’ll be fine.

A few nights ago, with my boyfriend’s help, I planned a craft session with my kindergarten/first grade classes. And we started to make them at home, just to make sure they were a safe option!

Of course, the poor little nippers missed out today, so I felt it only necessary to add a few animals to the family. I’m going crazy. I couldn’t do any outfit photos today, because, well, my face is looking TERRIBLE what with the burst blood vessels and all. You can see my hair though after I recently showered… I think the curls get crazier everyday! I have found myself in spotty pjs and my American Apparel hoodie. Not the most glamourous Wednesday I’ve ever had….

Ohhh, Adorable Animals.

17 Jan

Since having the wonderful company of an animal once again (and I’m not referring to my boyfriend) I cannot help but show my appreciation for cute pets occupying the world. So, starting with my mischievous Makkoli (he likes to bite noses and chins…) I’m going to share some adorable images I have stumbled upon recently! Enjoy.

Makkoli- our Korean Street Cat.

Image found here.

Image found here.

Image found here.

image found here.

image found here.

What’s Under the Christmas Tree? It’s Our New Kitten!

20 Dec

We recently visited the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) in our town of Daegu. We knew straight away that we needed to give one of those beauties a home… but also that we wouldn’t be able to part with one after a year. When we heard about the fostering process we knew we had to do it; prepping the wee ones for a real home. We get the love of a cat for a short time, and then do a good thing by finding him/her a real family. Then one of our friends found this little baby abandoned on the street but couldn’t take him in herself. So, here he is: Makkoli, or Mak for short. Makkoli is a Korean Rice Wine… yuuuum.

Kids Say the Darndest Things…

17 Dec

Kids say the darndest things… and write them too, apparently! Being a teacher of low level English students can sometimes have the funniest results. It seems to make all the hard work worth while. It is also pretty apparent that the internet is a beautiful thing for the former, and the latter is more intuitive than I thought!! Good work, children…


13 Dec


This is probably just because we are going to collect (and foster) our own kitten this week, but I can’t get enough of cute cats at the moment. Disclaimer: Korean Animal Protection, of you are reading this, I will NOT whack our kitty.

Don’t talk back to Darth Vader.

14 Nov

Star Wars according to a 3 year old….