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Uke & Tuba.

9 Nov

Uke Skywalker and Tuba Fett are Pittsburgh’s finest ukulele/ tuba band, with dancers too (aka, ‘The Stormtroopers’). I first became a fan in December 2008, when I flew over to the States and they performed at my brother’s wedding. To me, they are comedy genius, and some of the best people I have ever met. This is them performing I’m Waiting for the Man, by The Velvet Underground at that exact wedding:

The summer after this first introduction, I lived in in the sunny city of Pittsburgh, and had the privilege of seeing the mighty Uke & Tuba on a number of occasions. On my leaving do, when we had Lesbian Taco Night (named as such because most of our friends attending were lesbians, and I’d never had a taco…) Eric even brought along his Ukulele, just to ensure their flawless sound didn’t disappear from my memory when I headed back across that Ocean to my native England. Not that it ever could. Then one of the stormtroopers, Laurie B, decided to come to my Manchester to achieve her Masters. It turned into an all round excellent year, and now I would have to say she is one of my best friends in the world. We have been drunk, passed out, cried, shopped and even seen dogs in prams together. Saying goodbye to her, knowing I was heading Asia way, and she was heading America way, was difficult for me.

But, I will not fear, as I’m sure I will meet these wonderfully beautiful people sometime soon. And I will see them perform, because everyone should, at least once. If they can’t make you smile, you don’t have a creative/ happy bone in your body.

Last week I received a parcel from Eric, of Uke & Tuba, which contained a shirt. An Uke & Tuba shirt. Oh man, you have no idea what a smile it put on my face when one of my co-workers handed it to me in between one of my classes. Tomorrow, I will wear said shirt. And I will get some pictures taken. And I will have an outfit photo taken. TOMORROW. Please come back to see it.

Peace out.