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Here I Go Again.

4 Jul

Well. It seemed there were no more excuses I could pull out of my ass about my lack of blogging. Please though, remember, I am that girl. The clumsy one. The cursed one. The one who lacks any kind of grace.

At the start of June I received a nasty visit from a flu. I didn’t eat for quite a length of time, which was duly noted by my Korean friends and turned immediately into a positive. “Wow, Amy, you lost your weight”, a few of them cooed. I do, genuinely, appreciate that they prioritize all things vain. If I was left to my own shenanigans I would eat cheese, salt and vinegar crisps, and drink beer every day. This being said, when you’ve just come off a drip at the hospital and your face is an interesting shade of green, you aren’t necessarily thinking about that inch or two cut off your waist. Anyway, no fear everyone. I am back to normal, and have managed to retrieve my little belly I had become so fond of.

Of course, this is me remember. My bad luck doesn’t stop at the measly flu. Oh no no no. After we finished work last week we walked to the local supermarket to get some milk. Us Brits can’t go without a cup of tea for more than 12 hours, and such a beverage requires some dairy goodness. The streets were dark. Very dark indeed. (Am I setting the scene?) My boyfriend pointed out a little restaurant we’ve never seen before, which stopped me from seeing the giant boulders on the side of the street. Boom, knees. Boom, arm. Boom, face on a car and chin on another rock. Of course, we would sue back home. But this is Korea…

I’ve had a bit of ‘body ache’ for almost a week now. And rainy season is in full force on our little island of Jeju. The thunder and lightning was very persistent last night and it does not want us to sleep. So, I won’t show you any pictures of my outfits recently. Instead, I’ll leave you with a pretty picture of Oedolgae, a beautiful place where we spent quite a bit of time before the rain dampened our spirits.


Winging It.

21 Apr

Oh, how nice it is to be in a warm, sunny country working on my tan (mind you, it’s raining as I type…) The sea air makes the sun deceptive though, and my thighs turned an interesting shade of purple before deciding to go pink. They better go brown soon. God, I’m so ‘English’ and pale.

Otherwise, nothing much to report. We are planning on purchasing a little car next week which we test drove yesterday. I tell you, I have never driven on the right side of the road or the left side of the car before. We nearly lost a wing mirror very early on. Everyone was extremely calm about the whole situation though, surprisingly. What is your news? Sorry I haven’t been visiting you all recently. I intend to be back on it soon!

Flip-flops: Havaianas, Skirt: H&M, Top: Internacionale

Isn’t it Ironic?

12 Apr

With the best intentions in the world, I still failed in my ambitions to make a smooth transition of blogging as soon as I arrived back in Korea. A few things got in the way of this. The first involved a visit from gastric flu. The second involved a nasty cold. The third was a matter of a ‘glitch’ in my drugs test. If you know me, you’ll know I’m not at all ‘that way inclined’. I’m paranoid enough naturally before adding an intoxicating substance into the mix. Alas, apparently my pain killers for my ankle and ever annoying IBS have something from the ‘opium’ family in them. I can hear you chuckling already– because if you know me, this kind of thing is just my luck. I mean; to be caught out by co-codamol (a.ka.-Tylenol 3; or paracetamol and codeine). You can buy it over the counter in the UK, for crying out loud. And being accused of opium only made me think ‘Hang on a minute– no-one’s done opium since the Victorian era, I’m not in an Oscar Wilde novel am I?’ I am an unlucky person. Like, if I go to a concert, the tallest person in the world will be in front of me. Or if all I want is a knife, then all I’ll have is ten thousand spoons. And if anyone ends up with a fly in their drink, it’ll be in MY chardonnay. I’m pretty sure it’ll rain if I ever get married, too*. Anyway, I’ve not been deported yet, and I passed my second drug test, so things are gradually looking up.

Otherwise we have been trying to get our bearings in our beautiful new city. And we’ve been trying to make friends. And making our house a home. All those imperative things you must do when you move your entire life half way around the world. It leaves little time for my fashion and internet life, but I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things soon. Here is what I wore yesterday. As you can see, our roof is maybe not the best location for a shoot. And I need to start wearing my hair up, cause that sea air is a b***h. I hope you all had an lovely Easter weekend.

Shoes: Toms, Tights and Cardigan: Marks and Spencer, Shorts: Forever 21, Floral Top: New Look.

* I think I’ve heard anecdotes like this before– Have you? Sorry for stealing your stuff Alanis.