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San Francisco Sailor.

4 Oct

Oh man. I suck at updating my blog. For real. I apologize to all you imaginary readers out there. But I have an excuse. What is it, you scream? I’ve been too busy having fun. It’s tough having too much fun. Exhausting. It’s sucked the life out of me. Good excuse, eh?

For two and a half weeks I have been exploring the stimulating city of San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Apart from the beating it’s had on my feet, wallet and head (an accident with a marble kitchen surface), I have been having an amazing, exciting, enthralling time. Titillating, almost. This week, though, I am slowing down a touch. Help puppy-sit for the mini-dachshund of my brother’s who recently slipped a disc and required spinal surgery. Spruce up my C.V. Drink too much tea. Read books. Things that I genuinely have never had the time to do before. This is the first time since I was 13 that I have been unemployed. The first time I haven’t had something to do. I’ve settled into it pretty quickly, and I think doing nothing suits me.

I took a stroll down to the water to snap my chilled nautical outfit for today. This over-sized shirt is one of my favourite lazy day looks, and I thought it only apt to be by the sea when shooting my sailor-inspired get-up. What do you wear on a lazy day in the house? What should I do with myself next?

Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Tesco, Socks: Wonderplace, Neck Scarf: Official Aston Villa Store, Belt: Thrifted


Back to School/Work.

4 Aug

Today I returned to work after a week off. I had no idea how painful that journey would be and how much resistance I’d show this morning. Especially because the whole holiday it rained none stop, and when I woke this morning it was glorious sunshine as you can see from my pictures. Perfect tanning weather. Really I know I moan a bit too much about weather and all those other things I have absolutely no power over, but it just seems someone up there has got it in for me.

I have been doing some bad maths recently. It started when I tried to calculate how many days I have left living in the Republic of Korea. Not enough. Then on Tuesday I forgot how many drinks I can actually handle before I have a hangover that lasts for about 3 days. It really is NOT that many. I think it’s because I’m getting old… but let’s not count that number right now. Life is passing by at an alarming rate. I’m not sure who it was that put the fast forward button on in our lives, but if they could put it on slow-mo for a while, I’d really dig that. Happy Thursday everyone.

Dress: a Korean boutique, Shoes: a cheap local shoe store, Socks: Korean market, Sunglasses: Ray-Bans, Necklace: ModCloth

p.s- if you’re interested in those numbers, respectively they are 28, about 6 and 22.