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San Francisco Sick Day.

14 Oct

I have had an exciting month of being a tourist in San Francisco. It has given me one hell of a ride and now it has robbed me of all of my money, it’s time to head back across the pond. Today is my last day here and I woke up with a feeling of being buried in drying concrete. My minor earache from the last few days is now throbbing, along with my throat, stomach, and body from head to toe. I had planned to go out and about with a friend today, but the lurgy has taken over all of my ambitions. I don’t know why my pathetic little immune system couldn’t have waited until Sunday to attack, but alas it chose today. It was probably saying, ‘Hey Amy, stop having fun, would ya? Give us a break! Oh, and pack up all your stuff’. Turns out I’ve bought a lot more stuff in the last month than I either need, can accommodate, or afford. Whoops.

So, this is what I’m wearing today. I know it’s a bit showy for a sick day, but I’m trying to beat off the germs, and I think that all starts with a bit of psychology. Not that I know anything about that. I took the two minute walk down to the water to read a bit of my book. I bought this dress from H&M in the sale. It’s super light and comfy but it did blow up a few times in the wind. I placed my floral vest on top, and slipped on this cute little wooden necklace that I just adore. I lived in Korea for a year, hence the geographical declaration, huh? Fooled ya, I actually bought this in a boutique in Manchester before I moved there. Anyway, it’s cute. I love it.

Apologies if I sound like a loony, but it’s difficult to think straight when I feel like I’m being hit around the head with a frying pan.

What do you wear on a sick day? How do you make yourself feel better? Sleep is my go-to remedy usually, and I’m feeling a little sleepy right now….

Flip Flops: Havaianas, Dress: H&M, Vest: Forever 21 (in Seoul).


While in San Fran Wear Flowers Everywhere, Not Just Your Hair.

12 Oct

Hello my lovelies! I am now entering the final few days of my San Francisco adventure, and I simply cannot believe how quickly this month has gone. On Monday I walked in the rain for over 9 hours. I had my tourist head on, and I didn’t want to let the weather dampen my spirits. It was that fine rain, you know the kind? It soaked me right though. I felt just at home (yes Manchester, that is a dig at your year-round yucky weather conditions). On Tuesday, it was bloody glorious, but I felt full of a cold… a side effect of the day in the rain, I guess. So I stayed in and helped puppy sit for the mini-dachshund, Keith Richards. Today I’m off to spend the day wandering around China Town. Forgive the pictures, it’s very early in the morning, you know. I thought this was a casual yet bright outfit for a day of strolling around, wouldn’t you agree? Pure class. Especially those jelly shoes. They remind me of when we went on seaside holidays as children and my parents made me wear these in the water. These are a newer pair, I promise. Pure class.

I’m a bit sad to be leaving California. But, I have lots to look forward to. Surgery. Looking for a job. Recovering from surgery. Yay. For real though, I am most looking forward to seeing my man after being apart for almost 2 months. He arrives back from Korea on the 23rd and we will spend our first days together in England. I cannot wait for him to see how many clothes I really own. Ho ho ho. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Bye for now.

p.s- did you get the title reference? Of course you did, it’s inspired by the Scott McKenzie song, ‘San Francisco’.

Jelly Shoes: I am not really sure, Maxi Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Boyfriend t-shirt: Target, Head Scarf: Love Land on Jeju Island

This Post Has No Title; Just Pictures and Some Narrative.

9 Oct

OK, I might have told a little teeny tiny porky pie in my last post. While it’s been pretty great having no obligations the last week, I am getting pretty god damn bored now, and I’m not sure I could continue to do nothing forever. Maybe just another few weeks?

On the other hand, I have accomplished quite a lot. For example;

  • I watched an entire series of Britain’s Next Top Model in 2 days. It hasn’t improved my posing for my outfit photos, but was pretty entertaining for the first few hours.
  • I ordered an online TEFL course in the knowledge that I will find myself in another aimless position when I’m recovering from ankle surgery in the coming months.
  • I went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which was lovely. AND while I was there the big scary security man asked me where these shoes were from because they are very ‘unusual’. I animatedly explained that I got them in a supermarket back home.
  • I also visited ModCloth to check out their San Francisco office and see some people there I was good friends with when I interned with them in Pittsburgh a few years ago. The place is bigger, better, and more stylish than ever!
  • I got my first ever pedicure. Then I reminded myself why I’ve never had one before. I wriggled and giggled and the lovely Chinese technician looked at me like I was a bit of an a**hole. I have extremely ticklish feet.
  • I also bought a new gorgeous floral skirt from Buffalo Exchange and these Toms wedges on sale, while I wandered around the Mission district.

And that, everyone, has been my riveting little life since we last spoke. This is the outfit I wore for the two latter adventures today, just a chilled, wandering around the shops kind of job. Some of my University friends bought me this skirt for my birthday a few years ago, and I always feel a bit like a fairy when I wear it.

Did you get the blog post title? Don’t judge me, but right now I am listening to Elton John, and while I was trying to think of something witty, ‘This Song Has No Title’ came on. Is it bad that I just admitted I’m an Elton John fan?!

Anyway, over and out. Thanks for getting this far! I trust everyone is having a splendid weekend?

Boots: Tesco, Skirt: H&M, Vest: an underground store in Korea, Cardigan: ASDA, Head Scarf: another underground store in Korea.

San Francisco Sailor.

4 Oct

Oh man. I suck at updating my blog. For real. I apologize to all you imaginary readers out there. But I have an excuse. What is it, you scream? I’ve been too busy having fun. It’s tough having too much fun. Exhausting. It’s sucked the life out of me. Good excuse, eh?

For two and a half weeks I have been exploring the stimulating city of San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Apart from the beating it’s had on my feet, wallet and head (an accident with a marble kitchen surface), I have been having an amazing, exciting, enthralling time. Titillating, almost. This week, though, I am slowing down a touch. Help puppy-sit for the mini-dachshund of my brother’s who recently slipped a disc and required spinal surgery. Spruce up my C.V. Drink too much tea. Read books. Things that I genuinely have never had the time to do before. This is the first time since I was 13 that I have been unemployed. The first time I haven’t had something to do. I’ve settled into it pretty quickly, and I think doing nothing suits me.

I took a stroll down to the water to snap my chilled nautical outfit for today. This over-sized shirt is one of my favourite lazy day looks, and I thought it only apt to be by the sea when shooting my sailor-inspired get-up. What do you wear on a lazy day in the house? What should I do with myself next?

Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Tesco, Socks: Wonderplace, Neck Scarf: Official Aston Villa Store, Belt: Thrifted

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair.

23 Sep

As predicted by my disorganized self, I have been so busy and excited the week I have spent in the glorious city of San Francisco so far that I have had not a single second to devote to my beloved blog. I wouldn’t normally post pictures of my holidays, but considering I’ll be here for a month, and what I’ve done so far boasts an array of enthralling activities, I have decided to let my little blog in on what I’ve been seeing. So far we have: dropped by a drag show, sauntered across the Golden Gates bridge, toured Sonoma wine country, stumbled upon a nudist beach, cast an eye over the California Redwoods, been locked up on Alcatraz, cruised on the world famous cable car, and explored the exciting Haight-Ashbury under the guidance of an extremely ‘far-out’ hippy-lady straight from the ’60s! The latter event involved hanging out where Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead and all those other magical musicians spent there time during the summer of love. San Francisco has been awesome so far. Much more to come! We are off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow…. let the fun continue!

Cord Ragdoll…

14 Sep

Well, my reverse culture shock still hasn’t settled. Course of action? To go to San Francisco for a month and see how they do it there. I am going down to the South of England today to stay with family, as I am flying from London tomorrow. Right now I am wearing another old number that I bought when I was at University. I first wore it to dress up as a rag doll for Halloween! It is super comfy, and is perfect for my day of ‘getting myself together’. I am frantically trying to pack, because I specialize in leaving everything until the last minute and now I’m freaking out. What do I need for a month in San Fran? Help!!

Dress: Fairground, Under-cardigan: River Island, Sandals: Shelly’s.