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Summer ModCloth Lovin’…

16 Aug

All of these pictures are from the ModCloth blog from the summer of 2009. The two other fabulous people in the pictures are Richard and Turi. All photos belong to ModCloth.com.

Man, oh man. When I realised it had been 3 years since I interned for the AMAZING online clothing store ModCloth, I couldn’t believe it. 2009; it was one of the best summers of my life. Travelling from my little town in England to the big city of Pittsburgh (famous for it’s Heinz ketchup and Andy Warhol) was one thing, but getting to meet a bunch of fabulously chic people and write about clothes all day was another. ModCloth was 98% of the reason I started Fashion’s A Stranger. It made me realise a lot of things, and it made me 100% happy with my life and myself.

After I finished up my degree I moved to South Korea to teach English; that was almost two years ago. While my own fashion sense might have taken a wee dip since then (cause I like being damn comfortable in my curvy body), my ability to appreciate those who take their time to pick out their outfits everyday certainly has not. I hope one day I can return to ModCloth. And until that time I thank them for having me. And I will continue to spread the good word of ModCloth through south east asia. It’s the least I can do…


Oh Birdie.

23 Nov

Oh no. I just went and disappeared again. Whoopsie.

I find it hard to blog when I’m not at home. Does anyone else find that? I went down South for a fabulous surprise party for my boyfriend’s parents. It was their 30th Wedding Anniversary, impressive, huh? We should all learn something from them. Not least their ability to keep their cool when a bunch of people they haven’t seen for a while shout SURPRISE. Their very own son did exactly the same thing for me for my last birthday in Korea. SCARIEST. MOMENT. OF. MY. LIFE. TO. DATE. They took it much more gracefully than me. The party was in Dover, and I received a lovely text message welcoming me to France and telling me to enjoy my trip. As much as I appreciate Orange’s attempt to make me feel at home, I’m not sure I feel so appreciative of the European prices.*

I’m keeping this short and sweet, because today is my Papa’s 60th Birthday, and I must go and spoil him. Hope everyone is getting over that mid-week hump. I have that lurgy that is going around and my nose feels like it’s going to fall off with blowing it. The Rudolph… not my best look.

*I’m doing a good job of teaching you guys recently, don’t you think? That’s why my students always called me ‘AMY TEEEAAACCCHHHEEEERRR’. Today’s lesson is Geography. Dover is in England. Not France.

Boots: Tesco, Tights: Marks and Spencer, Dress: ModCloth, Scarf: Topshop.

Skulls and Ankles and Things.

16 Nov

Aloha. And how are we today? Recently I have been working bits and bobs in the local libraries, and working on my TEFL course. One year in Korea wasn’t enough for me, y’all. I’ve got the travel bug and I’ve got it bad. Teaching is just such an amazing way to fund that. Before that, there are some things I’ve gotta do.

My ankle surgery will be on the 14th of December and I think I may have to take some time off to figure out how best to take outfit photos on crutches. Any tips? I’ll probably only have a couple of weeks off. I know you’ll miss me, but man oh man, do I have some treats in store for you during my little blogging holiday.

I feel utterly terrible for my ripped off version of the Alexander McQueen skull scarf. Who can afford the real thing though? Ironically, I bought this scarf from a local market when I was going through a goth/emo faze at the tender age of 15. I didn’t really give two hoots about fashion, then. Please forgive me. I have been through a lot of fazes, and I have to say, that one probably wasn’t the worst.

I hope everyone is having a splendid beginning to the week. I am guest blogging today over at the lovely and sweet Mademoiselle Sonushka. I discussed my clashing passions, and what it’s like to travel without my wardrobe. Intense stuff. Go and check it out here.

p.s- I think those thighs of mine will officially be retiring for the winter.

Wedges: I’m not sure, Socks: H&M, Shorts: Forever 21, Belt: Thrifted, T-Shirt: ModCloth.

Bonfire Rainforest.

4 Nov

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a splendid week. Did you have a ton of Halloween fun? I fell victim to this flu-ey thing going round and fell asleep at 8pm on Monday night. That’s how I roll. But I’m back to my bouncy self and looking forward to a bit of firework action this weekend.

Do y’all know about bonfire night? Obviously you Brits do, but elsewhere in the world? Basically, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament with Gunpowder on 5th November 1605. He failed. Now every year we set off fireworks to celebrate his failure. And as an excuse to eat too much sweet stuff and coo over the pretty colours, of course.* Maybe you’ve seen V for Vendetta? That should have cleared up the narrative (ahem…)

Tonight we shall spend family time setting off a few fireworks. I know we’re a day early, but tomorrow we’re heading down to Birmingham once again to see my football (soccer) team play. Pretty sure that won’t make the best outfit photos. I am wearing an old ModCloth dress that I purchased when I interned with them a few years ago. I was always convinced that only tall people can pull off the maxi. In fact, I think I still am. What do you think? What are you all doing this weekend? Whatever you do, have fun. x

*I’m pretty sure I’d make an ace history teacher, don’t you think?

Dress: ModCloth, Tee: Target, Wedges: Dorothy Perkins, Necklace: New York Metropoliton Museum of Art, Silver Bracelet: Links of London, Button Bracelet: handmade.