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May the Buddha Be With You.

3 Sep

I’ve never been a religious person. I do not judge what other people believe, but it’s just not something I ever fell into. It never really seemed to make sense to me and no-one ever encouraged or pushed me to have faith in some kind of higher power. It seems now, though, that I’m surrounded by so many different types of people, the question is popping up more and more.

I still answer the same. I don’t have a religion. Although these little trips to the beautiful Korean temples do always give me a funny feeling inside. I cannot commit myself to this ideal considering we had such a strange, and albeit unsatisfactory, temple stay on the mainland which involved monks with pizza hut pizzas, coke and iphones when we were stuck eating rice and kimchi. I can, however, say I am more intrigued about religion than I ever have been before. How it shapes a person. How it can give people strength and hope where others may just give up. How it gives people boundaries and rules….

What do you think?

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A New Life in Jeju.

31 Mar

So, we arrived back to Korea earlier this week and have been hit with a whirlwind of excitement and exhaustion. Jeju is even more beautiful than I remember from when we came here on vacation last year. Standing on our rooftop, if you look one direction you can see the sea. If you look the other way, you can see Mount Hallasan. Our apartment is absolutely ma-hoo-ssive, as you can probably see from the pictures, and everyone at our new school seems calm and kind. We’re still getting over our jetlag and our mammoth journey– I feel like I want to sleep for days! Hope y’all are okay x