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San Francisco Sick Day.

14 Oct

I have had an exciting month of being a tourist in San Francisco. It has given me one hell of a ride and now it has robbed me of all of my money, it’s time to head back across the pond. Today is my last day here and I woke up with a feeling of being buried in drying concrete. My minor earache from the last few days is now throbbing, along with my throat, stomach, and body from head to toe. I had planned to go out and about with a friend today, but the lurgy has taken over all of my ambitions. I don’t know why my pathetic little immune system couldn’t have waited until Sunday to attack, but alas it chose today. It was probably saying, ‘Hey Amy, stop having fun, would ya? Give us a break! Oh, and pack up all your stuff’. Turns out I’ve bought a lot more stuff in the last month than I either need, can accommodate, or afford. Whoops.

So, this is what I’m wearing today. I know it’s a bit showy for a sick day, but I’m trying to beat off the germs, and I think that all starts with a bit of psychology. Not that I know anything about that. I took the two minute walk down to the water to read a bit of my book. I bought this dress from H&M in the sale. It’s super light and comfy but it did blow up a few times in the wind. I placed my floral vest on top, and slipped on this cute little wooden necklace that I just adore. I lived in Korea for a year, hence the geographical declaration, huh? Fooled ya, I actually bought this in a boutique in Manchester before I moved there. Anyway, it’s cute. I love it.

Apologies if I sound like a loony, but it’s difficult to think straight when I feel like I’m being hit around the head with a frying pan.

What do you wear on a sick day? How do you make yourself feel better? Sleep is my go-to remedy usually, and I’m feeling a little sleepy right now….

Flip Flops: Havaianas, Dress: H&M, Vest: Forever 21 (in Seoul).


San Francisco Sailor.

4 Oct

Oh man. I suck at updating my blog. For real. I apologize to all you imaginary readers out there. But I have an excuse. What is it, you scream? I’ve been too busy having fun. It’s tough having too much fun. Exhausting. It’s sucked the life out of me. Good excuse, eh?

For two and a half weeks I have been exploring the stimulating city of San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Apart from the beating it’s had on my feet, wallet and head (an accident with a marble kitchen surface), I have been having an amazing, exciting, enthralling time. Titillating, almost. This week, though, I am slowing down a touch. Help puppy-sit for the mini-dachshund of my brother’s who recently slipped a disc and required spinal surgery. Spruce up my C.V. Drink too much tea. Read books. Things that I genuinely have never had the time to do before. This is the first time since I was 13 that I have been unemployed. The first time I haven’t had something to do. I’ve settled into it pretty quickly, and I think doing nothing suits me.

I took a stroll down to the water to snap my chilled nautical outfit for today. This over-sized shirt is one of my favourite lazy day looks, and I thought it only apt to be by the sea when shooting my sailor-inspired get-up. What do you wear on a lazy day in the house? What should I do with myself next?

Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Tesco, Socks: Wonderplace, Neck Scarf: Official Aston Villa Store, Belt: Thrifted