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Couple of the Week: Promise Between Lovers…

5 Sep

OK, I have been bad at updating my blog recently. I just had a huge change in my life, moving from a year in South Korea, back to my home in the UK. More on this to come. For now, I am just sharing my final ever Couple Wear post. Because people don’t do this kinda thing in England. Shocking, right? Anyway, still to come is a short list of the best matching outfits I’ve snapped over the past year. I want you to pick the best. Watch this space… and send wishes to help me get over my jetlag!


Couple of the Week- the 73ers.

30 Aug

As crazy as I think this trend is… I really am going to miss seeing it almost daily on the streets of Korea!

Couple of the Week, by BaboShirts…

9 Aug

Buy it here

Buy it here

I recently stumbled upon this amazing website, BaboShirts that specializes in t-shirts using ‘Korean humour’. Babo is Korean for ‘crazy or stupid’. I am very strict in my classes if a student ever uses this word, but for these purposes, it’s totally fine. If you don’t live, or haven’t ever lived, in Korea then it might mean nothing to you and I’d probably turn away now. If you have, then you’ll probably want to but the whole rack right this second!