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Love Me Do.

9 Feb

Today I popped into Liverpool to see couple of my lovely friends I met in South Korea. I always enjoy my little trips to Beatles land. In fact I’ve been to the Beatles museum enough times to not really require the head phones and narrative any more.

Here are a few s from our drink in the Cavern pub and visit to the Tate gallery where they had some ace stuff on show. Yes, that second one really is a s**t load of bread with bodies bitten out of it.

There you go then, that was ‘A Day in the Life’ of me. We’ve been very busy recently, zooming up and down the country seeing our loved ones before we flee the country again. I really am a ‘Day Tripper’; an awfully tired ‘Day Tripper’. And tomorrow we are heading up to Scotland for a long weekend. ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’ it’s going to be amazing. Catch you all when we’re back.

P.S- Sorry for all The Beatles references. I’m done now. Over and Out. ‘Hello, Goodbye’.