Couple of the Week: ‘Check’-ing it Out!

17 Apr

When I left Korea last September, I was so sad to say goodbye to the ‘Couple of the Week’ section of my blog. These couples made me smile. Made me laugh. Made me realise the sacrifices some men will make for real love. Not my man, of course. He dismissed it as an Asian craze and vetoed the suggestion before he could even tell I was joking in my request. I would never actually want to mirror my boyfriend; but his immediate refusal hurt me a little bit. These men don’t mind emulating their other halves. In fact, it is the norm. Back home they would be stripped of their manhood, but here in Korea, it’s fashionable to declare to the world ‘I am with this person and I am proud.’ I suppose it helps ‘she’ does the shopping, too.

The furthest my boyfriend and I made it into this trend was in a gift from my Korean friend, Han Sol. These porroro couple rings made me happy in my last week in Daegu, South Korea. Of course, at that time, we had no intention of returning to the home of Samsung, Park JiSung and kimchi. These rings were a memory of a craze which would never fail to make me smile.

The economic situation at home and the sweet deal of being a teacher in this amazing country quickly turned us around, and when we arrived back in Korea three weeks ago, (this time to Jeju Island) I was ecstatic when I saw my first offending ‘couple-wear’ pair. I don’t know how often I will be posting these gems, but if you like it, I’ll try my damn hardest to ask these couples awkwardly if I can take their pictures, for reasons I cannot explain (because my Korean sucks…). What do you think?


Isn’t it Ironic?

12 Apr

With the best intentions in the world, I still failed in my ambitions to make a smooth transition of blogging as soon as I arrived back in Korea. A few things got in the way of this. The first involved a visit from gastric flu. The second involved a nasty cold. The third was a matter of a ‘glitch’ in my drugs test. If you know me, you’ll know I’m not at all ‘that way inclined’. I’m paranoid enough naturally before adding an intoxicating substance into the mix. Alas, apparently my pain killers for my ankle and ever annoying IBS have something from the ‘opium’ family in them. I can hear you chuckling already– because if you know me, this kind of thing is just my luck. I mean; to be caught out by co-codamol (a.ka.-Tylenol 3; or paracetamol and codeine). You can buy it over the counter in the UK, for crying out loud. And being accused of opium only made me think ‘Hang on a minute– no-one’s done opium since the Victorian era, I’m not in an Oscar Wilde novel am I?’ I am an unlucky person. Like, if I go to a concert, the tallest person in the world will be in front of me. Or if all I want is a knife, then all I’ll have is ten thousand spoons. And if anyone ends up with a fly in their drink, it’ll be in MY chardonnay. I’m pretty sure it’ll rain if I ever get married, too*. Anyway, I’ve not been deported yet, and I passed my second drug test, so things are gradually looking up.

Otherwise we have been trying to get our bearings in our beautiful new city. And we’ve been trying to make friends. And making our house a home. All those imperative things you must do when you move your entire life half way around the world. It leaves little time for my fashion and internet life, but I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things soon. Here is what I wore yesterday. As you can see, our roof is maybe not the best location for a shoot. And I need to start wearing my hair up, cause that sea air is a b***h. I hope you all had an lovely Easter weekend.

Shoes: Toms, Tights and Cardigan: Marks and Spencer, Shorts: Forever 21, Floral Top: New Look.

* I think I’ve heard anecdotes like this before– Have you? Sorry for stealing your stuff Alanis.

Change in the Air. Change in the Water.

6 Apr

Ok guys. I suck. I am back into teacher mode which means I wear baggy GAP tees, leggings and Toms everyday. Hardly worth a snap shot. My wardrobe and I are not feeling ourselves. I am blaming the gastro flu we all seemed to come to down with. Not to mention the cold that’s been plaguing me all week. I’m pretty sure my nose is going to fall off by tomorrow…

We were playing table tennis on our kitchen table this morning (shh, don’t tell my Mum…) when the ball hit me full pelt into my chest. I almost cried. I am feeling emotional and I’m blaming the change in the air. It might sound pathetic, but that thing left a red mark for hours! Ping pong was not on the top of my list of most dangerous games out there. Until today.

So. Brownies honour; I will be back to my normal self next week, even if I have to give my immune system a kick up the ass myself. For now though, this video is of one of my new co-teachers, Jenna, performing one of her songs accompanied by some of her friends. I think she has such a magical, enchanting voice and I thought that some of you out there might appreciate these soothing sounds.

A New Life in Jeju.

31 Mar

So, we arrived back to Korea earlier this week and have been hit with a whirlwind of excitement and exhaustion. Jeju is even more beautiful than I remember from when we came here on vacation last year. Standing on our rooftop, if you look one direction you can see the sea. If you look the other way, you can see Mount Hallasan. Our apartment is absolutely ma-hoo-ssive, as you can probably see from the pictures, and everyone at our new school seems calm and kind. We’re still getting over our jetlag and our mammoth journey– I feel like I want to sleep for days! Hope y’all are okay x

Song for a Saturday Morning.

24 Mar

Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This is the song I’m listening to as I pack my final few belongings into my suitcase. Isn’t it amazing? They just released tour dates, so if you’re State Side or on European soil- go see them! I wish we could. ‘Home is whenever I’m with you’- it’s nice to keep this in mind as my boyfriend and I both say goodbye to our beloved England once again. Our parents are home to us too and while it’s difficult to say farewell to them, I think they understand that travelling is all we want to do right now.

So tomorrow we will embark on our long journey- and when I next post we will  be back in South Korea. See you then!

Canny Granny.

19 Mar

Well, when I heard that my boyfriend’s Gran no longer required some of her amazing jumpers, what was I supposed to do? Seriously, I love Granny clothes. I think Grannys are some of the best dressed people out there today. Of course they are, because they lived through the elegance of the 50s, the swinging 60s, the disco 70s and the rocker 80s. I love to hear about my Mum in her kaftan when she was a hippy in the 70s. Us in our 20s can’t compete with all that. The wildest thing I ever did was get a Karen O bowl cut when I was 18. And, of course, defied the fashion world and copied the Grannies. Every time my boyfriend looked at me today he laughed his head off, but with the super comfort and the attractive lack of price tag of my new jumper, I think I know who’s winning.

What decade would you like to have lived through?

Trainers: Converse, Tights: M&S, Skirt: H&M, Jumper: Hand-me-down from my boyfriend’s Gran.

Watch This Space.

14 Mar

Our flights are officially booked for the 25th March, at which time we will take a mammoth 24 hr(ish) journey to Jeju, South Korea via Turkey and Seoul. I have a new lease of life since we got this news and when our visas arrived I could hardly control myself. At the moment the people in my book still have a more exciting life than I do, but that will all be changing soon. Oh yeah. Watch this space.

Shoes: Toms, Tights: M&S, Shorts: Forever 21, Blue Under Vest: American Apparel, Black tee: ModCloth, Cardigan: Topshop, Headband: ASDA.