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Couple of the Week: The Street Artists.

2 Aug

My oh my. Jisan was a hell of a weekend. I mean, flooding and torrential rain, yet I still managed to get sunstroke. We saw some amazing acts; The Chemical Brothers, The Music,  Arctic Monkeys, Feeder, CSS and Suede. There were of course more, but I think you all get the idea of the ‘festival’. After around 4 days without sleep, I just couldn’t blog, never mind take outfit photos. I am just conjuring up the energy to move, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of street artists we met on Sunday night during Amandou & Mariam. This band is centered around a married couple who are both blind, and who blew me away with their performance. Anyway, back to the couple. I had no idea how many ‘hipster’ Koreans I’d meet over the weekend, but my oh my there are a lot of them around! Happy Tuesday everyone x


The Couple of the Week Who Really Do Love New York…

5 Jul

I spotted this couple in Gyeongju last week, and though the matching shorts with his and her proportions were sweeeeet as New York Cheesecake. The whales weren’t too bad either!

Couple of the Week- The Acid Litmus Test.

28 Jun

Just a couple of words about today’s couple of the week, because I am well and truly exhausted after yesterday’s day trip to Gyeongju full of cycling, and today’s trip to Spa Valley, a water park just down the road.

Anyway, I sometimes wonder if the people wearing these tees buy them for a reason. For me, this one just harks back to those awful school days when I completely failed science class, that bloomin’ acid litmus test we always had to do. Oh well. I hope everyone is happy on this Tuesday x

Quadruple of the Week: A Family of Stars.

21 Jun

Bloody hell, I would kill my parents if they had made me dress up like them when I was a kiddo. Why do they look so goddamn happy? The Mum is hiding, as you can see, but you should be able to see that it’s the same star shirt, and they all have the same denim cut offs circa ’96 in my opinion.

Oh Korea, you get weirder everyday.

Couple of the Week in Teddy Bear Heaven.

14 Jun

Well, aren’t they just a bundle of joy, hey? I can’t decide if the subtle matching outfits impress me at all, because if you’re going to do something so ridiculous(ly cool) then you should probably go the whole hog, in my opinion. Anyway, they were wearing matching trainers that in my hurry I didn’t make it into this shot. Hey ho. Still I’ve not had much feedback on this category, ‘couple of the week’.  What do you think? Do you love it? Or love to hate it? Or just hate it? Because, as much as I love going up to strangers that I can’t communicate with and asking them for their picture, I could always stop. Haha. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Couple of the Week, Some Big Lovin’, and Some Catching Up…

7 Jun

So my dears. I went on holiday over the weekend, and I completely didn’t have time to prepare blogs before I went. And I am too disorganised to have thought to ask any of the other stylish bloggers I follow to blog for me. In fact, I am so disorganised that I completely forgot that I was doing a guest blog for one of my favourite girls, Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion! You can find that blog here

We left the island of Jeju at  6 a.m this morning and I have just arrived back to our apartment. I have to head off to work in half an hour too. It’s been a crazy weekend! I’m going to update you on my trip in the next day or so! So, here is my couple of the week this week. Sorry for having two weeks off guys. I met this couple in Hallim Park in Jeju. I’m not going to lie, I kinda wanted her tee to say ‘small lover’, but their matching checkered shirts and trainers (which you can’t see…) made up for it. What do you think? Would you try out this trend?

Couple of the Week: Oh Paris, Je T’aime…

17 May

What a sweet variation on the matching outfits front, hey? These sweet tees emphasize the ever-blossoming romance between this cute couple, whom I could just imagine strolling around the city of love.