Change in the Air. Change in the Water.

6 Apr

Ok guys. I suck. I am back into teacher mode which means I wear baggy GAP tees, leggings and Toms everyday. Hardly worth a snap shot. My wardrobe and I are not feeling ourselves. I am blaming the gastro flu we all seemed to come to down with. Not to mention the cold that’s been plaguing me all week. I’m pretty sure my nose is going to fall off by tomorrow…

We were playing table tennis on our kitchen table this morning (shh, don’t tell my Mum…) when the ball hit me full pelt into my chest. I almost cried. I am feeling emotional and I’m blaming the change in the air. It might sound pathetic, but that thing left a red mark for hours! Ping pong was not on the top of my list of most dangerous games out there. Until today.

So. Brownies honour; I will be back to my normal self next week, even if I have to give my immune system a kick up the ass myself. For now though, this video is of one of my new co-teachers, Jenna, performing one of her songs accompanied by some of her friends. I think she has such a magical, enchanting voice and I thought that some of you out there might appreciate these soothing sounds.


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