Guest Post: Rebel Angel.

18 Dec

Today we have the lovely Sian from Rebel Angel. She goes to the same University that I did, and she’ll be telling us about one of her surgeries- getting her tonsils out as well as giving us a taster of what she does on her own blog. I also had my tonsils out when I was 21 (yes, my health isn’t great…), and it was HORRIBLE, so I totally empathise with you Sian. Enjoy x

Remix: Stripy Republic Top

Hi everyone at Amy’s blog!! This is Sian from Rebel Angel and I’m guest posting for Amy today while she’s in having an operation on her ankle (good luck, Amy!! It’ll be fine =D). So today I wanted to show you one type of post I do occasionally on my blog, and that’s a Remix post. I think it might give you a snapshot of my style and how it’s changed over time. I’m also going to talk about when I had my tonsils out!! Might seem a little random, but there is a point, I promise!! So you’ll see that at the bottom of the post.

So clearly I have worn this top far too many times (and I’ve worn it more times off the blog!!). I bought this top in Republic when I’d only just started at uni, in fact I think it was in the first week because it was one of those 20% off student offers. I’d been looking for a stripy Breton stripes top, but when I saw this one I knew it was perfect for me because it wasn’t just the plain stripes, it also had this amazing crochet collar! That means I’ve been able to play around with that a bit and wear the top under clothes so only the collar is showing. I apparently love pairing it with red too for that classic combination, but I’ve also gone for blue and a couple of other combinations. Do you have any suggestions on how else I could wear it?? Let me know in the comments, or pop by my blog and have a chat with me there (I’m very friendly, I promise!!)

So I also wanted to talk about the only time I’ve ever had surgery. Because Amy’s in hospital having her ankle all fixed up, she asked if we could talk about our fears or when we’ve had surgery, so the only thing (apart from having teeth pulled!) that I’ve had done is having my tonsils out, so here we go!
Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog often, will know that I frequently talk about this operation, to the point of annoyance, so this was probably a bad suggestion from Amy haha!! During the time when I was in Sixth Form at school and studying for my A levels, I was ridden with tonsillitis. I would feel it coming on, go to the Doctor’s, get antibiotics, get rid of it, then a week later it would be back. This went on for two years, to the point where I was becoming immune to several antibiotics, I was constantly ill and I eventually developed an ulcer on one tonsil which bled. But my doctor still didn’t do anything about it, until I basically went in and begged for her to refer me to hospital. When I finally got there for the ENT check on my throat, the doctor took one look down my throat, literally about 3 seconds and said: “These need to come out as soon as possible.” So that was it. And I was booked in for a tonsillectomy. Unfortunately, the only date I could do was 4 days before the start of my Freshers’ Week at uni.

My family took me into the Day Unit of the hospital on the day, then had to leave me once I’d been changed into my gown and very attractive stockings. Originally I’d been told I’d be in and out in one day, but when I got there I was told I’d be staying overnight, which scared me a little because I didn’t want to be alone in hospital, but I wanted those things out, so I was more focused on that than being scared!! And eventually it came to the time I was scheduled to go into the operating theatre. I was transferred from the bed where I was happily reading a magazine to one of those wheely table things, and taken into the pre-operating room. Here comes the problem though, my veins are impenetrable!! It took them forever to get the IV in, at least 5 tries in each arm and hand, which meant I left the next day with massive bruises on the insides of my elbows and my hands (sore!). Finally someone got in it, and within seconds the room started to spin above me, and it disappeared, it was the weirdest feeling ever…

I awoke what seemed like straight away to discover I was holding a tissue and a nurse was standing over me in a half-dark room saying something along the lines of: “Are you alright, lovely? I know it must hurt a lot but don’t cry.” I then came to the realisation that I was weeping floods of tears for no reason whatsoever!! Apparently anaesthetic affects people in different and strange ways!! I remembered why I was there and swallowed to realise there was no pain (that came later once the morphine wore off!), and tried to say in my confused state that I wasn’t in pain, I was just crying!! I still have no idea why I was crying then, and it took me a while to stop, but eventually I was wheeled back to my room (I think I’d stopped crying by then) and put back into my bed where I think I was in and out of consciousness for a while. It certainly took me a long time to realise that the back of the hospital gown I was wearing had been undone!!

And the rest was fine! My family came in again to see me later with chocolates (which I couldn’t eat – it’s a common misconception after a tonsillectomy to eat ice cream. Whatever you do, DO NOT eat dairy, it increases the saliva production and mixes with the dairy product to become thicker and thus is extremely difficult to swallow!). And I spent the rest of the day and night resting and reading in bed, pretty awesome in my opinion.

It wasn’t until about 2 days later the pain hit and continued for around a week, a very blurry confused week of a lot of sleeping, hunger and painkillers. It turns out cocodamol has the effect of making me fall asleep within around 3 minutes of taking it (I actually have insomnia so this was kind of crazy!). And I got very hungry because it took me about 10 times as long to eat a normal meal, by which time it had gone cold and was unappetising!!  But my final problem was Freshers’ Week at uni. I ended up still being in a significant amount of pain for the start of uni, and being very tired, so although I tried so hard to take part in Freshers, it was very difficult. I couldn’t drink alcohol because it burnt my throat and made it bleed, and I got tired extremely quickly and ended up phoning my boyfriend to pick me up half way through every night =(

So there’s my tonsillectomy story, massive bonus points to you if you read all that!! Told you I could go on about it forever!! So good luck to Amy, I hope the point you got from my story is that it wasn’t all that scary at all, and it was actually quite nice to get all the rest afterwards (and people running around after you, order them around Amy!!).


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