Waiting Teal the Autumn Comes…

18 Aug

I moaned and moaned and moaned during winter. It was bloody freezing. I moaned and moaned and pleaded for the summer to grace me with its presence. I love the summer. Well, at least I thought I did. But then again, I’m from England, and we don’t really see a serious ‘summer’ there. Whenever I’ve been on holiday I always loved the heat. But then again, I only had to deal with it for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. Honestly, Korea, you need to turn down your humidity a bit. 90% humidity; it’s just not cool. Pun absolutely¬†intended. I didn’t mean for the ‘shiny’ look on my pictures, but you gotta roll with the punches, you know? I have 2 working weeks in Korea left until I’ll be back in Rainchester (ahem, Manchester), at which point I’ll be wishing for the sun I’m sure…

Until then, when I’m not working, I shall wear all the pretty dresses I own that may provide a bit of coolness in this sticky weather. I love this teal colour. It’s just makes me so happy. I always preferred shorter dresses, just because I didn’t think I could pull off the longer length with my short frame and not so small tummy. This dress was a bargain though, so I gave it a chance. Also, it’s covering up the 20 + mosquito bites I have on my legs, so it has its uses. What do you think? Does the maxi-dress require height?

All of the clothes above were purchased in cheap stores in Korea that I don’t know the name of… so it’s kind of useless me telling you! If you live in Korea, I can take you there in the next 2 weeks! My bag was from Turkey, Sunglasses are from Ray-Bans, and my jewelery were all gifts.


One Response to “Waiting Teal the Autumn Comes…”

  1. Celynne August 19, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    That’s a lovely dress! And the colour is great. I’m with you in disliking humidity… it’s what makes summers painful to go through. I actually really like intense heat, but now when it feels like I’m walking through soup for air.

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