Strong Woman…

17 Jul


Holla. I hope everyone is doing well on this gorgeous Sunday. It rained everyday this week, but as soon as the weekend came upon us in Daegu, Korea, the sun appeared. Finally, rainy season is giving us a break. Kinda wasted the day yesterday though after a rather late night on Friday, I slept until 3pm! Alas, I managed to drag myself from my pit and head to the outdoor pool for a while. And today, I am just about to get ready for a Sunday afternoon barbecue on our roof. I can practically hear the cicadas luring me outside. And by ‘get ready’ I don’t mean slip on my bikini and a bit on lippy. I mean lug the coals and the bbq up there. I am a strong confident woman, who does not need her partner to help to do something simple like a barbecue. Ahem. Anyway, happy Sunday everyone. And don’t forget to enter my competition today, if you haven’t already.

Dress: ModCloth, Shirt: Wonderplace, Wedges: Korean Shoe Stall, Jewelery: Links of London, Pandora, H&M and Past Times, Sunglasses: Ray-Bans


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