I Don’t Like Mondays.

12 Jun


Dress & Shoes: Vintage. Tights: Marks & Spencer. Necklace: Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Ring: Past Times. Watch: OST. Bracelet: Pandora.

Really really. I don’t like Mondays. or any weekday for that matter. But it’s Monday tomorrow so that is the one I’m hating most at present. It means the weekend is over and I’ve still not accomplished what I planned to over the blessed two days we don’t have to attend our hard-work hagwons. I took these pictures today just before I went to watch my boyfriend’s team (the Daegu Deer) play football (/soccer). The boys won 5-0 so obviously we had to go for a celebratory dinner and drink etc, hence why it’s taken me until this very sleepy evening to catch up with Fashion’s A Stranger. For a while this morning I tried to get my boy to take my pictures for me, but he refused. His constant refusal is the reason I got my excellent Mum to send over my mini-tripod in the first place, but I thought I’d try anyway. Half-way through my picture-taking he came up and criticized my poor posing, so below is his idea of what I should be doing. Much better than me, hey? Otherwise nothing to report. I should be getting to bed, because it’s bloody Monday tomorrow, did I mention that already? Also, my boyfriend is past out on the couch after too much sun and exercise, topped off with a few beers, so I’d better move him into a safer area. What did you guys do this weekend?



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