Post Birthday Thoughts.

1 Jun

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I know I promised a birthday update over the weekend, but I had no idea that turning 22 would be such an ‘event’. It was absolutely amazing, but exhausting at the same time. On Friday, my sneaky boyfriend threw me a surprise party! Honestly, it was the scariest moment of my life! I’m still amazed that he and ALL my friends managed to keep it a secret from me all this time. My actual birthday was Saturday, but on Friday night we were just going for a quiet drink and some dinner because his sister and brother-in-law arrived on Thursday night. After a pot of traditional Korean rice wine, he suggested we eat in one of our usual watering holes. I tried to resist because I wanted to be on top form for Saturday, but he finally managed to persuade me. Walking up the stairs, completely oblivious, I still babbled on: ‘it’s really quiet in here tonight, we should go somewhere else.’ Boom! He opened the door and 60 of our closest friends jumped up from behind the bar shouting surprise and wearing matching t-shirts! I couldn’t look up for a few minutes because I was genuinely SO shocked. Not only had he rounded everyone up in matching Happy Birthday tees, but there was an absolutely delicious birthday spread, too. It even included real cheese (which you can’t buy easily in Korea!) But of course, with all the adrenaline and shock I didn’t actually get round to eating any of it!

So, Saturday was a relatively quiet day, because we were all so beat. We opened my presents and watched my boyfriend’s team play football. Seriously, I am so lucky to have the friends and the family that I do. I came to Korea 9 months ago not knowing a soul, and I’ve managed to make such a support network here. It’s amazing. My boyfriend (as well as the party) got my some gorgeous new Giorgio Armani perfume and I ModCloth necklace I’ve been drooling over for ages, and some other great bits and bobs. A beautiful watch from his sister and husband. Some, clothes handmade jewelery and accessories from my amazing friends. A huge bag of sweets, chocolate and crisps all the way from England from my parents and another friend. And some of my closest friends here got me something that was on my birthday wish list- the Diana mini camera! I’m so excited, and already got snapping at a traditional market place on Sunday, that boasts vibrant colours with every turn!

So, it has taken me until this gloomy Wednesday to feel normal again! And we have a holiday booked for tomorrow, we’re off to Jeju island. Sorry for not updating too much! Lots of love xx


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