I’m a Wee Sailor.

26 May

Well, I tempted fate didn’t I, hey? In my last post I mentioned how the week seemed to be going fast, which is great because I have a ton of things to look forward to. My, it hasn’t half slowed down. But, I’ve successfully made it to Thursday without any extreme stress, so things will only get better! My boyfriend’s sister and her husband arrive in Korea today. I’m super excited, I just wish we could both be there to meet them at the airport instead of giving them bus instructions. And I have to teach until 9pm tonight (I do this everyday!), which could be tough because neither of us got much sleep through excitement! The adrenaline will get us through I’m sure. Anyway, I better get back to some cleaning and tidying.

I hate asking for things for my birthday- so I didn’t! But, tomorrow I’m going to write a little wish list as a kind of joke, because Saturday is my birthday so no-one will have time to buy it anyway, that way I won’t feel guilty!

Dress: Topshop

Tights with butterflies: Stocking Store

Wedges: Cheap shoe store

Bracelet: Links of London

Watch: Tesco


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