Style Sunday.

22 May

Well. We just returned from a temple stay in Beomeosa Temple in Busan, which we attended to try and learn a bit about Buddhism and perhaps achieve ‘enlightenment’. After having to get up at 3 a.m with the Monks, and then hike a mountain along with other taxing activities, I can definitely say we now know how difficult this life is if you are fully immersed in it. It was however, postmodernism at its finest when we saw 20 pizza hut pizzas, along with 10 bottles of coke, being delivered into the monks quarters. We certainly didn’t see any of that in our traditional Buddhist meal. And I was a bit disappointed when I saw our designated Monk slipping his cell phone in and out of his robes. It was definitely worth the trip though and I feel I have a better understanding of this religion that focuses on finding yourself, and happiness. I want to share more with you about it now, but honestly I really need a nap. Sorry. But, I’ll give you a sneaky peek here of what it all looked like. It’s no outfit photo, that’s for sure!

 And while I’m busy being lazy after such an enlightening journey, I’ll show you the beautiful ladies that are inspiring me this week.

Selective Potential

Marmalade Skies

The time is grey

The Moptop


One Response to “Style Sunday.”

  1. Tieka, Selective Potential May 23, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    Thank you so much for the little call-out! I’m so glad you liked that outfit!! xo

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