Happy Birthday Buddha!

11 May

Dress and belt: boutique in Korea

Vest: Primark

Flip-flops: Free with a magazine! (I was wearing tights and boots early in the day after hearing rain was on it’s way, but they got taken off!)

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Necklace: Tatty Divine

I am so so sorry I have not managed to blog the last few days. I had the plan to do so, really I did.  But one weekend away turned into a weekend of chaos as we visited palaces, lantern festivals and bars. And since we had last Thursday off for ‘Childrens Day’, and Tuesday off for the Buddha’s Birthday it seems tame that all we managed to see was the beach in Busan and some of Seoul’s arty district Insadong, as they celebrated the birthday of what some people would call their guru. I’d like to know what you guys think of religion. I was never Christened or brought up any particular way, but obviously I realise how important it is to so many people, and the beauty and passion shown by the Lantern Festival magnified this for me. We are planning on doing a temple stay soon. Sounds like it could be tough going, but perhaps the key to enlightenment at the same time! Hope everyone is happy! x


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