Farewell Friends, Furballs and Fashion.

5 May

I feel positively awful about my poor blogging conduct recently. I really have no excuse. Well, except the weekend was taken up by goodbyes and I’ve been working very hard. It’s the most unsettling thing about life in Korea, people are inevitably going to leave, and no matter how many people go, for me, it really gets no easier. It’s not like we can just meet up for a pint when we get back to our native countries, because we’re an eclectic mix of nationalities. This weekend I did four goodbyes and it left me emotionally drained. To a fellow Brit, a stunning Puerto Rican and a sweet American. The fourth goodbye was to our cat. If you haven’t always been following my blog you wouldn’t know me and my boyfriend decided to foster a cat about 5 months ago. His name was Makkoli (also the name of a Korean rice wine) and he was a former street kitten that we were trying to prep for a forever home. Although after five months you can imagine we were quite attached to the little boy, and since his departure we have been feeling quite lonely in our apartment when his new mother took him on Saturday. Look how cute he was?

So that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Still, no use dwelling on the past, as they say. Let’s look forward. It’s bank holiday this weekend ( kind of), so time to enjoy the  sun and celebrate Children’s Day today on May 5th, and the Buddha’s birthday on May 10th! Woo, Happy holidays everyone.

T-shirt, Shoes & Belt: Thrifted

Dress H&M

Tights Marks & Spencer


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