Style Sunday.

24 Apr

Oh it’s Sunday again. And, well, it’s been another hectic week of being a teacher. I really am being truly dull and it’s killing me. For example, last night was Saturday night. Now, usually we feel the need to be sociable and try not to think about the difficulties we’ve had through the week or what is to come just a mere two days away, but last night we decided to be boring. Yes, I watched an entire series of Absolutely Fabulous with a friend in the afternoon, (to take me back to my England home in the ’90s and to admire Jennifer Saunders outrageous outfits) and in the evening my fella and I just stayed home and watched the football (soccer).  No parties, no dinners, no drinks.  So what do I have tell you? Well, I tell you how beautiful I think all these girls are this week, and how I want to steal their styles. And I say a huge thank you to Ashley of Two Eyes in the Mirror for her encapsulating five days series about Beauty in Korea. It’s definitely something to make you have a serious think. Something I wonder everyday when I walk down the little Korean streets.  What did you think of it? Anyway, be ready to be wowed. Happy Sunday everyone. x

Missing Lovebirds

Mellow Mayoness

Mammal and Lamb

Cupcake’s Clothes

Peace x


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