Absent Without Leave.

7 Apr

Head Scarf: Official Aston Villa Store

Top: Primark

Necklace: Tatty Devine

Belt and Skirt: Thrifted

Tights: Korean Subway Store

Lace-up Sandals: Topshop

Life has been busy as usual and my creativity in fashion has been AWOL for a while (I’m still questioning whether it was ever there…). I’ve been in my comfy teaching gear waiting for the warm weather to hit us full throttle. And boy, it’s on its way fo’sho! Everything happens over night here in Korea. Buildings that aren’t there one day are completely finished the next, the weather goes from frigging freezing to 20 degrees within a week. And this week those bare trees went from having not a sign of life to blossoming with the most vibrant colours. The colours coming back into my cheeks, too. I’m definitely ready to be cracking out my summer gear. Nothing much to report otherwise. Our lovely cat Makkoli (which is also the name of a Korean rice wine) got the dreaded snip last week. He recovered pretty quickly, but I have to admit watching him trying to get back on his feet without realizing his ass was still asleep from the anesthetic was probably the highlight of my week. I live a boring life. Click here to see a short video of him stumbling about. Happy Thursday everyone.


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