Couple of the Week.

5 Apr

I find it amazing how shocked these couples always are when I ask if I can snap them on the street. Or, well, not ask, but point to my camera and then to them, hoping they’ll just pose for me! Usually they think I want them to take a picture of me. I mean, come on, you’re the ones wearing matching outfits for goodness sake, why would I want a shot of boring old me?! Anyway, I was waiting for the bus to work yesterday and there these cuties were. I enjoy the change from matching sweatshirts to the smarter checkered shirts. Happy Tuesday everyone. x


One Response to “Couple of the Week.”

  1. Sian April 5, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    I absolutely love it when you do these! The couples are so cute =) But I’m not planning on doing anything like this with my boyfriend soon though haha!

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