Not Enough Time in the Day.

19 Mar


Honestly, there is simply not enough time in the day! This week, while feeling like it has lasted an eternity, has gone by like lightning. With Breakfast dates, lunch dates, dinner dates, St Patricks Day festivities, trying to sort my kitten out to get the dreaded ‘snip’. And of course that big chunk everyday I spend being a teacher. Argh. I know time is a problem for everyone, but honestly, I never really appreciated how exhausted full time workers were after a day at the slog. When I was at University I had all the time in the world to party, blog, party, study, party, sleep massive amounts, and even had a part time job too. Hey ho. I still make sure I have time to sleep, I’m not worth being around without sleep, believe you me! Every second counts as you can see from my pictures above, taken on my trip to the subway followed by the bus. I have reverted back to a 12 year old state, leaving the house with soaking wet hair and often a little braid to keep the majority of the inevitable Korean air ‘frizz’ at bay! It also loathes me a bit to mention St Patricks Day, because I had to go out for the celebration straight from finishing work at 9, and forgot my camera. I wish I could have captured how much green there were in those bars in the middle of Korea!

Hey ho. Off to Busan this weekend to see a band tonight, and watch the boys play football tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of updates y’all.  Happy Saturday. x

Dress, Cardigan, Belt: All Korean Boutiques

Tights: Marks & Spencer

Boots: ModCloth


One Response to “Not Enough Time in the Day.”

  1. Amber Rose March 19, 2011 at 5:16 am #

    This week has gone by so, so quickly– so I can really relate to what you’re saying! Anyhow, have fun this weekend and jam out for me.

    ps: Your hair is divine.


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