Introducing: Noah Nie.

8 Mar

Living in Korea means I’ve met people from every corner of the world, and I love it! Quite soon after I arrived here over 6 months ago I met a lovely, sweet Chinese girl who studies at a University here. She is fluent in Mandarin, Korean and English, and is kind as kind can be. Her major at Keimyung University is fashion design, and just like everything else, she designs and executes her garments almost perfectly! Here are a few images I snatched last time I visited her apartment for a traditional Chinese dinner, taken at her most recent show…. She’d love some feedback, let me know what you think!


I think this outfit is so sweet and elegant, and is perfect for a chic or career driven women. I really enjoy the slightly clashing colour palette, and when I told Noah how impressed I was, she actually gave me this blouse as a Christmas present! I am such a lucky duck! I will be doing an outfit photo with it soon…


This has got to be the winner for me. It has the most beautiful ball gown princess like shape, with a completely different flamenco- like style running along side. This dress is quirky and charming, and clown like in it’s colouring- an absolutely original item!


Such a sweet little party dress, the amount of detail in this is huge, without looking too fussy. I adore this deep blue and gold combination, and the ruffled hem is gorgeous.

And here is my lovely Noah in the center, accompanied by her beautiful models!

What do you think??


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