Windy Windy Spring.

4 Mar

I’ve been a bit distant from real life recently. After paying an extortionate amount of money to get an MRI scan, I found out I now need surgery on my stupid ankle because of a cartilage defect and ligament damage. It was another case of lost in translation, and I found myself an emotional wreck at the prospect of having to deal with an op without understanding what the doctor is saying, and dealing with months of aftercare knowing I can’t be off work for an extended period of time. I have made an informed decision that it can wait until I’m back in the UK where it’s free and they can speak my language. And well, I won’t have a job to call in sick to, too. I’m gutted that it means I’ll miss out on the upcoming softball season here in Daegu, I was excited to get fit again, but I think there are too many reasons to wait, and not enough reasons to make it easy to hand over the knife to the Korean doctor. Here’s a snap shot of the scan that cost a few hundred quid….

If any of you have any suggestions on how to make this ankle strap sexy or stylish, holla, I’d really appreciate your help!

Dress: ModCloth

Head Scarf: Official Aston Villa Shop. (Yes, I’m a crazy football/ soccer fan!)

Bracelets: Thin- Pandora, Thick book cover bracelet- Christmas Present.

Bag & Tights: Korean Subway Shop

Cardigan: Thrifted

Shoes: Korean Shoe Shop.


2 Responses to “Windy Windy Spring.”

  1. Amber Rose March 5, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    I’m so sorry, darling. I stayed in Korea a while back, and while I didn’t have to deal with anything like this, there was an instance where an older man tried to grab me. It was hell trying to explain what happened to an officer who spoke very little English (mind you I was a wreck as well).

    You’re in my thoughts!

  2. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix March 6, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    Love your book cover bracelet.

    So sorry to hear about your ankle. Look after yourself.

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