Pondering On Life.

21 Feb

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I’ve recently been trying to figure out how to promote myself as a fashion writer. I have three major obstacles in my way. Firstly, I have a full time job as a teacher, and a hell of a commute to and from this position, meaning I don’t get home until 10pm every night- so where is the time?

Secondly, I am a total technophobe. I think I inherited it from my Dad who only recently figured out email. It seems the internet is definitely the most appropriate medium for promotion, but they call it the web for a reason, and it seems a complex entanglement of URLs that I just can’t fathom. But, it’s something I must overcome- it’s the only way in this hectic little blogging world. In the past week, I have followed advice from a friend at ModCloth.com, and opened a Lookbook and Chictopia account. And I’ve also followed advice from my fabulous graphic designer sister, Miss Moco, without whom fashionsastranger as you are now seeing it would just not exist, and got myself a Twitter. I’m not sure how I’ll handle technology when I’m a grandma… I’m get the twitter jitters already.

My third excuse for poorly promoting my blog is… I am just not that fashionable. I have a trillion zillion clothes, that cannot be denied, but beautiful clothes aren’t the same as style. I know I don’t dress hideously, but I just don’t have that hidden capability to put together a completely original outfit at the drop of one of my zillion hats. I would pick a dress over having to team up separate pieces, and if I have one bold print, well then I’ll always skimp out on experimenting with my other garments. I can certainly recognise those people that have the talent to present themselves flawlessly, and that is where I get my inspiration. I am an observational fashion obsessive; is that even a thing? When I lived in the States for a short time, I expressed to a friend how much being a fashion writer would be my dream, how much it would fulfill me, but that I’m just not that good at it; ‘I’m mediocre’. She responded: ‘you’re not a mediocre person, you’re just a British person’. The whole group around just cracked up laughing while I sunk back in my seat. I have to admit, I do let that British pessimism rule me on occasion. I’ve been working on this recently as my New Years Resolution demanded.

Anyway, I guess I’m just having a crisis of faith. Pondering on life. What if it doesn’t all work out exactly how I want it to? I am almost 22 and planning my next little escape from the real world for when after this year in Korea is over. I can definitely put off the inevitable growing up for a while. Until then, I’ll keep blogging the best I know how. Can you give me any blogging tips? To get more traffic, improve content, or to be more fashionable in myself?! Help!


2 Responses to “Pondering On Life.”

  1. Eric February 21, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    I would say that the most important thing is to keep making things. If you are an “observational fashion obsessive,” then if that isn’t a thing, make it a thing. Share your obsession with the world.

    I always enjoy the Item of the Day posts (and I’ve discovered new shopping sites that way), but sometimes I want you to elaborate so I know why you picked these items.

    Here’s a motivational speaker that I like, talking about blogging. It’s way long, but hopefully he’s got some ideas you might find useful (the images give some summary ideas): http://www.43folders.com/2009/03/25/blogs-turbocharged

    Anyway, good luck and keep on bloggin!


  2. Catherine February 27, 2011 at 10:07 am #

    Hi – I came to your blog via your comment on Daily Clothes Fix (I live in Newcastle too and have only been through Tynemouth market once – so thanks for the reminder!). I was just reading this post and it struck a chord. Hope you don’t mind me commenting! You say that you’d love to be a fashion writer and that it would fulfill you and you have gone so far as to set up a blog, yet you don’t seem to be writing about fashion?? I’d ask ‘What would you, as a fashion writer, write about?’. Then I’d say ‘write that’. There is little point worrying about traffic and promotion until the content is there. When the content is there, they will come. People will find links to that content and so on and so forth. Also, find bloggers whose style you admire and make sure you are commenting – this will help traffic. The time factor, I have no answers to that one as I struggle with that myself – hence not having a blog of my own haha! Anyway, I wish you all the very best in achieving your dreams. Catherine x

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