The Life and Seoul of the Party.

10 Feb

Last week was Lunar New Year and we had a relaxing few days followed by a trip to the country’s capital, Seoul, for the festivities. It was bliss to have a much needed holiday and a relief not to dream about my angry director, or screaming kids, for 5 days straight. It was my first time exploring this city, which to be honest, I found a little intimidating with its size and population. When I was younger I used to dream of living in the city; London, or even New York, but after spending some time in each of these (and Seoul) I’ve come to realise my nerves and anxiousness could not bear to be pushing through such enormous crowds everyday. I had fun though. We visited the different foreigner areas, and even managed to get our paws on some fish and chips (not the same as back in England, but definitely the closest food to home I’ve come across in six months). We visited Seoul Grand Park and the Zoo there. And here are just a few of the animals we saw…

Once we got our heads around the complex  subway system the city was our oyster. But, those who know me know my unlucky streak, and after running for a subway sliding doors style, we jumped on and the doors shut. When we looked around there was not a ‘seoul’ to be seen. It was going into storage. Those who also know me, know that I worry far beyond what is necessary… but it all ended ok. and that is the main thing. Note, this is not what a Seoul subway should look like:

And this is how it should look:

The Southern city of Seoul was a lot colder than our home back in Daegu. There was still snow on the ground, and even the animals in the zoo couldn’t venture out in the fresh air. Poor things. This is how I looked after a poor night’s sleep in a dodgy hotel:

So, it is a New Year. And you know what that means? We are all automatically a year older. Yes, you heard me right. Here in Korea (and all East Asian countries) you turn a year older at New Years, rather than your birthday. You are also one year old when you are born. This can mean you could be as much as two years older than your Western age, depending on what month you were born because: ‘the first year comes at birth and the second on the first day of the lunar New Year’ information from the Wiki page on this topic. Now, although I am a mere 21 back home, I am 23 in the country in which I reside. Anyway, it was a pleasant weekend all in all, and while going back to work on Monday destroyed my ‘Seoul’ (ok, I know I’ve used that pun one time too many during this post…) I am feeling somewhat refreshed. So, Happy New Year everyone!


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