A Mask Will Protect You.

9 Feb

There seems to be a mentality in Korea whereby wearing a face mask will protect you from any of the nasty diseases floating around in the air. It seems like a slightly plausible idea, on a of self preservation and protection level. However, in a way it seems to highlight a selfishness in human kind. The masks generally come out when it is ‘sickness season’, worn by sick and healthy people alike. If you think that the sick people wear them to protect the healthy people, well, then you might be fooled into thinking that people are courteous, kind, and caring. However I’ve seen plenty of people pull their masks away when they cough just so the person sitting next to them not wearing a mask can share their germs… so, who is this helping?!

Anyway, for Christmas one of my joker friends bought us all a face mask and last week I was tidying when I came across said cat mask. I decided to wear this for a short time, simply because my boyfriend said he wouldn’t be seen with me if I kept in on, and I wanted to test this claim. It actually kept me a little warm for a while, but I don’t think it’s a trend that will hit the fashion highs anytime soon.


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