Happy New Year… Again.

3 Feb

This week is Lunar New Year, and oh, how I love this Chinese holiday. We have got 3 days off, which I am practically glowing about, having had no holidays since arriving in Korea, apart from a similar public holiday back in September. Today we took a trip to a lovely park, had a picnic, chatted, and played some games of banana grams.  This is how my board looked when I won, which isn’t that impressive, but my brain cells were kind of being deadened by how freezing my fingers were.

My Mum sent me some sweet purple, glittery, woolen tights for Christmas which came out today. So, here are a few pictures, taken on the first day with plus temperatures for a long time!

Tomorrow we are heading up to the countries Capital, Seoul, to do some exploring and to head to the DMZ, which is border of North and South Korea. Happy New Year everyone! Peace.


One Response to “Happy New Year… Again.”

  1. Big Fan February 9, 2011 at 9:00 am #

    hey; i was wondering if you were any good at that game banana grams? I live in Korea and would love to play sometime!

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