On a Cold, Cold Day….

29 Jan

Life has been hectic lately, and while I didn’t mind the cold Korean weather when winter began, I’m now getting a little tired of this painful chill. I can even see my breath inside my poorly insulated apartment, and after being informed it could take another month to warm up for the spring, I can feel the child in me wanted to throw a strop. I am full of a cold again, after already experiencing laryngitis this Winter. Ahh, I cannot wait for Spring and the cherry blossoms.

I have been feeling a little lost in translation the past few weeks. I did tend to go through these fazes back in England when I felt the need to hibernate, but for some reason I imagined life would be different here. Time seems to stand still in this country and occupation, and yet it goes so fast. I have been in this wonderfully weird country for 5 months tomorrow, and it still feels like I’ve just landed. I haven’t found the language difference much of a barrier before… but I think because of some of the difficulties I’ve been having with work recently (namely that I am being over-worked), and my plaguing illnesses, I am just feeling a little icky. In July last year I seriously sprained my ankle and it never seemed to heal properly. After another fall on the ice about a month ago the swelling rushed back to visit me, and once again even walking is an issue. On Tuesday I visited the hospital here, at which point the new X-rays showed that I have a little bone broken floating about, and in the doctor’s broken English, he told me it should’ve been put in a splint 7 months ago. Bloody brilliant. Immediately after, he sent me for some intense physiotherapy and laser therapy, and apparently it is imperative that the swelling goes down so they can do an MRI scan, so I’m on some pretty strong medication too. Anyway, I am writing way too much, but I am feeling very bitter, and part of me wants to sue the British NHS.

But, the kids are heading back to school this week, which means I can stop planning and teaching an extra 5 classes a week, which is way over my contracted hours anyway. Maybe I will cheer up. Maybe my cold will disappear. Maybe I will be able to walk again. Maybe I’ll stop dreaming of my workplace. Maybe, just maybe, I will have some time to dedicate to writing, and reading, and shopping. I tend to avoid using my blog as an outlet for my day-to-day feelings. It is not my diary (no-one wants to read that!), but today, while I am feeling uninspired, I am having a rant. Rant over, so I am going to grab some stuff together and head over the Busan (the 2nd biggest city in Korea) for some fun with my friends. Yes, I will have fun.

p.s- I hope you liked the outfit. I have been picking comfort over fashion recently. Blasphemous, I know!


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