Top 10… Albums I Wish I’d Written.

23 Jan

I have been trying to think about my wishes recently. I am one of those people who relies on other mediums to express their true feelings. I have always been a little ashamed of it really, I feel like I can’t articulate my own feelings, and instead I use books, poems, fashion, music or some other medium to explain what is going on in my hectic little mind. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t blame my degree in Literature for this… but when someone else has said exactly how I feel at a particular moment before, but has said it better, then why not ‘quote’ them? Originality is hard to come by, and I can shamelessly admit that sometimes I feel I’m a bit lacking in it these days. I used to think I was a realist, but I’m not at all, I live in a dream world. Anyway, with this in mind, instead of writing my upcoming Top 10 lists just because I love the items referenced, my series of Tops 10s will be of things I wish I had done, said, or thought of doing first. To start with, here is a little run down of the Top 10 albums I wish I’d written. I have hundreds more, but unfortunately I don’t have the time or space to get all the way through. If you disagree, hit me up with it.

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10. Bright Eyes- I’m Wide Awake it’s Morning. There is something about Conor Oberst that I fell in love with when I first heard this album. It might be the roughness of his voice which seems so perfect, particularly when he sings lines such as: ‘I could be a famous singer, if I had someone else’s voice, but failure’s always sounded better, let’s f**k it up boys, make some noise’ in ‘Road to Joy’. Or it might be what Chris Dahlen described in his review for Pitchfork as his ‘straight-from-the diary-lyrics’;  either way this album can pretty much relate to anyone who has experienced any kinds of angst or questioned the pointlessness of conflict…

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9. Fleetwood Mac- Rumours. Probably the most popular album to come from the band, every song on ‘Rumours’ touched a nerve with me. And the sound it produces on my beautiful record player emphasizes the ostensibly simple, yet stunning and seductive nature of their sound.

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8. Paul Simon- Graceland. Everyone knows that Paul was the genius of the duo Simon and Garfunkel, and his solo careers and achievements exemplify exactly why.  This particular album has an enchanting mix of pop, rock and African style music. Walking the streets of Memphis, I listened to this album and smiled. Driving in my car in Manchester I listened to this album and smiled. Right now, sitting at my desk in our flat in Daegu, South Korea, I am listening to this album, and smiling.

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7. The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Anyone that doesn’t smile when the Beatles comes on the radio I simply cannot fathom…

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6. David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I have always been a Bowie fan. The Labyrinth was my favourite film when I was younger, and the innovative nature of all Bowie’s music is excellent, in my opinion. It has to be his flamboyant glam rock stage that gets me the most though when his ‘musical Mr Hyde’, Ziggy Stardust, rears his ridiculously fabulous head.


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5. Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill. While I am not particularly proud that this has made my top 10 (and it almost didn’t), This album is one of the first CDs I ever owned and I still have a soft spot for it now. I was probably a bit young when it came out to really appreciate the bitter, cynical angry chick element of it, but I idolize my older sister, who, in 1995, idolized Alanis.

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4. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins- Rabbit Fur Coat. I remember when my friend bought this album for me for Christmas many moons ago. Jenny Lewis is my idol, she has a fashion, music, an honesty and a quirkiness that I adore. She has an pure, unblemished sound which mixes country and indie perfectly and while the writing of this solo record isn’t spectacular this record is still dear to my heart.. Read one of my past blogs about her if you really want to know some more!

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3. The Smiths- The Queen is Dead. It’s not just because I’m a Manchester girl, but I am an adoring fan of the Smiths. They are a bit like marmite, you love them or you hate them… the miserable melodies of Morrissey tend to sooth me.

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2. Neil Young- Harvest. As written here: ‘His haunting tenor, vividly coherent lyrics, seemingly simple music and superb instrumental and vocal support coalesce into a flowing pastiche of musical brilliance’. Wow, I definitely couldn’t have put it better myself…. hahaha.   

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1. Bob Dylan- Blood on the Tracks. I know he’s not perfect and to be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed with the person he seems to be. However, there is something immaculate about this album. The sound of experience in his moody melodies and his imperfect bluesy voice compliments his faultless folk music so well. In a word, I love him. He is my number one.


One Response to “Top 10… Albums I Wish I’d Written.”

  1. Charlotte- University of Birmingham January 23, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    I went to see Morrissey a couple of years ago. He was amazing.
    It’s funny too- I live in Manchester where Morrissey is from and I’m studying in Duluth where Dylan is from :]]


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