Couple of the Week.

18 Jan

I still haven’t fathomed out why mirroring your other half is such a popular fashion in Korea. I never noticed it back in the west of the world (did you??) I also still haven’t decided whether I love or loath this statement. I love seeing it on the street, but for purely comedic value not because, well, I think it’s stylish. To me it’s kind of like one of those tattoos silly people get- with the name of their other half stamped on them. When I look at them, this couple have practically got each others names tattoed on their torsos, albeit a temporary one. I have always been a little bit against public displays of affection- I still struggle to hold my boyfriend’s on the street without feeling a tad awkward, so I suppose people might just be seeing the bitter cynical side of me here. But I truly believe you shouldn’t lose (or amalgamate) yourself with your other half. Oh well. As long as I don’t have to match with my fella, I’m on board with this fashion for now. What do you think?


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