Couple of the Week.

4 Jan

Like I expressed on an earlier post- it’s just my luck to decide to initiate my ‘Couple of the Week’ category, and then to suddenly stop seeing such couples roaming the streets. However, on New Year’s Eve, after having worked until 9pm (the same as Christmas Eve, oh the joys of a difficult teaching job) we ventured to downtown Daegu to see the fireworks. And the crowds were piling in, which surprised me considering that New Year’s Eve doesn’t hold a candle to Lunar New Year here. When the show was over and we began to make our way out of the park and towards the next bar, I saw this couple from afar. This picture doesn’t show off their synchronicity nearly as much as it should… but I think you can imagine what is continued below. So I snapped as best I could, and went on my way. I hope you enjoy it!


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