The Wonderful Weirdness of a Korean Market.

4 Dec

When I’ve had a heavy night, my automatic calling the day after is a day in bed with some terrible food. BUT, my friends here in Korea generally tend to get me moving, as apparently we shouldn’t let the weekend fly by without making the most of it. When you do that, Monday comes round way too quickly and it’s time to be teaching those little brats again for 7 hours a day. So, the last hangover mission we went on was to see Chilseong Market, after hearing interesting things about the sites- even, apparently, dead dogs heads (which we thankfully managed to miss). The colours of all the different foods captured my attention pretty quickly so I wanted to post some pictures. And below you can see how destroyed we were on our adventure. You can also see how my lovely friend Rachel took a mis-step into some drying concrete. Whooooops.


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