Autumnal Ballerina.

1 Nov

Boots-, Skirt- H&M (and a gift for my last birthday from my wonderful friends), Plain Black Vest- New Look, Waistcoat- hand-me-down from my wonderful photographer, Heather, Bracelet- Links of London (from my wonderful sister and her boyfriend)

It really is a blessing, to be able to wake up each morning and know that there are mountains and forests waiting for me just outside the front door. It’s something I’ll never take for granted and will always remember when I reminisce of my time on the continent. The autumnal colours and cherry blossoms that are sweeping across beautiful Asia at the moment have confirmed to me once again that ‘fall’ is definitely the fashion season for me. I can finally layer up, and don rustic oranges, mustards, greens and browns to try and emulate the enamouring nature the changing season. Here, I was going for a slightly ‘ballerina look’- it is the feeling this skirt always gives me, particularly when I prance through the forest. I was practically waiting for Lysander to come my way. Either him, or Puck.


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