Put a Ring on it.

29 Oct

Well. I was out for dinner with some friends last week when one of my Korean friends said:  ‘Amy I have a question: are you married? Your facebook says you are married… to a girl…?’ Oops. After explaining the in-depth relationship between me and my ex-housemate and best friend, I think I managed to appropriately convey that it is a joke marriage. But then my other Korean friend turned to me and said: ‘Amy, I have a question: what does ‘xx’ mean when you text me?’ When I said kiss kiss, she looked scared and asked: ‘so you want to kiss me?’ Excellent evening of coming off as a lesbian.

But honestly, it’s really making me miss my beautiful wife and best friends back home in the UK.  So I wanted to give them a little shout out! I’m falling in love with the people I meet here, but sometimes thinking of home calms my manic self.


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