17 Oct

On Saturday we made an active decision NOT to be hungover. I never thought I’d be one of those people who lives for the weekend, but teaching will definitely do that to you. So, instead of letting the weekend run away just because that well earned Friday night pint turned into 9, we planned a hike. Steph, Sarah and myself got the fear, as we all compared how unfit we actually are (my ankle war wound still plaguing me after months), but we took on the challenge non the less. I am in a lot of pain now, but I cannot help be glad we got to see the beautiful sights of Palgongsan. Above is the Buddhist statue Gatbawi and witnessing the faith of some Koreans has opened my eyes a little, even if I am an atheist.

The amazing view from the top of Palgongsan made me realise how insignificant we humans actually are.

It has been said that if you make a wish and stick a coin to this particular wall, that wish will come true. So we tried. But of course you all know my bad luck, and although it stuck initially, after 3 minutes it was down a grid….



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